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  1. The law: if you need one of a certain thing, make two. If you make one, it will certainly not survive. If you make two, they both will. I've no idea why, but it seems to always work that way.
  2. Hi springmama, I live in Decatur, AL, about an hour north of Bham. One of my studio partners sells Laguna clays, all sorts if you're interested in those. (I love their clays and his prices are great!) Your other best options for clay are Atlanta or Nashville. Cahaba Clayworks, just outside of Bham (Leeds?), would be a good place to start for firing services, etc. I'm not sure what they offer exactly, but I know they do a lot of things. And the potters there are excellent. If they don't fire for folks, they certainly will know who does. Alabama Art Supply in downtown Birmingham also carries a few glazes and clays. Good luck and go for it! Martha
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