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  1. Wow, cool! What a creative fix. I will let her know and we will give it a shot!
  2. Hey there, A lady who uses my studio made a mug and handle, but did not attach them together. She didn't return before they both dried out. She moistened them both, scored and slipped them, and adhered them together - but then of course as they dried they began to form cracks along the join. She's wondering if there is anything that can be done here? I don't feel confident that there is - I have always added my handles while all clay is fresh or leather hard. I do have some bisque fix I could offer her to patch the little cracks around the handles... might that work? Any advice would be great - I will pass it on to her when she comes in next. Thanks!
  3. Was anything else plugged in that maybe wasn't plugged in before? Like a space heater, appliance, etc? There may have been too much of a draw on the circuit if you include the other things plugged in/running in the same room/same circuit. I can't run my washer or dryer while my test kiln is firing because they are on the same circuit. It's one or the other
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