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  1. I am doing my first raku fire this Saturday and am feeling well prepared. I'm so excited! I don't have a pyrometer.. . Do I just watch the pots (with protective eyewear) til glowing orange? How can I tell when they're ready for the reduction chamber? Also, any suggestions for firing tiny finicky pieces? I realized after I made them that it won't be easy to grab them with tongs and move them over. I thought maybe just smoke fire them in a bowl but that means no glaze. If I use glaze without silica will they stick together if touching? Any tips, tricks or advice is welcome!
  2. Wow, cool! What a creative fix. I will let her know and we will give it a shot!
  3. Hey there, A lady who uses my studio made a mug and handle, but did not attach them together. She didn't return before they both dried out. She moistened them both, scored and slipped them, and adhered them together - but then of course as they dried they began to form cracks along the join. She's wondering if there is anything that can be done here? I don't feel confident that there is - I have always added my handles while all clay is fresh or leather hard. I do have some bisque fix I could offer her to patch the little cracks around the handles... might that work? Any advice would be
  4. Have you considered running some classes to recoup some costs/earn some dollars? Holding a 90 minute clay class on Saturday afternoons covers my studio rent & utilities for the month (plus some). Every time I add a new class time, it fills up within 2-3 weeks. If I need more money, I add a class to the schedule. If I am financially comfy and want more time for my own work, I phase out a class. It's working well for me. You would be surprised how many people are thrilled to pay for studio time, and it really helps balance things. It's more fun to create when money isn't a worry.. I am b
  5. It was a minuscule T-shaped piece of plastic that snapped. Apparently the whole pedal relies on this little piece of plastic! I will try to contact the company for a replacement... fingers crossed!
  6. I have a couple of wheels in my studio, all different makes and models so they each have their own way of being maintained/repaired. My Kemper Clay Devil, the one I use for kid's classes, has decided to quit on me! I have tried plugging in to different outlets, so I know it's not the power. (Also plugged other things into the same outlet and it works) The wheel was working fine, and then I did a wet mop of the floor. The pedal got wet, but really... not that much? It's not like it was flooded, and no more than usual when I mop? Anyways, I am going to take it apart today and see if ma
  7. Was anything else plugged in that maybe wasn't plugged in before? Like a space heater, appliance, etc? There may have been too much of a draw on the circuit if you include the other things plugged in/running in the same room/same circuit. I can't run my washer or dryer while my test kiln is firing because they are on the same circuit. It's one or the other
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