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  1. Hey guys, just recently I was assigned a project dealing with ceramics. In the the midst of my research I discovered that ceramics are no longer just any ideal material for pottery, dinnerware, or sculpture. I discovered ceramic have found their way into the world of jewelry and textile fashion. Which from a personal standpoint, is a very interesting subject. The thought of using a material that is stereotyped as “frail,†(due to glass and porcelain ability to shatter when being dropped) made me wonder why would a jeweler or a textile designer would use this material? Why would they choose a ceramic material as an alternative to it’s gold, silver, and cotton counterparts? I feel like the plethora of colors, textures, and shapes that can be made out of any ceramics, are the partly to blame for this new phenomenon. During my research I came a across one problem, this is such a new form of jewelry and textile design, that I have yet to find much about it. Sure, I believe that there is some remnants of prehistoric ceramic jewelry, but for the life of me, I can I find it. Everywhere I have gone, and searched has left me empty handed. Could I possibly be using the wrong keywords during my search? Is there an origin story, or a history that I do not know about? Is there a person who I haven't I talked to? Sure there is! I Personally believe that for the amount of time and effort that I already put into this project, I have yet to discover what I really want to know. I believe I know nothing and I have everything to learn. I want to ask the internet to engage in conversation to grow this topic! For the information that is seek I will list below. Some of the items that I will list, I have already found the information. But not everything is certain in life, so feel free to list your thoughts, comments, discovers, and concerns. I feel as though wearable ceramic is a poorly documented subject. But I want to change that, for not only myself but for future pioneers who also want to create great things in the future. History The Origin of Wearable The Origin of Ceramics The discovery of “Kaolinite†(China Clay) The discovery of “Yttrium†Applying color Applying graphics Applying branding or icons (Example: stamps) The Process of Making Ceramics Mold Making Kilm Glazing Applying color Applying graphics Applying branding or icons (Example: stamps) Qualities of a ceramic product/ things to make note of Weight Smoothness Transparency The Shrinkage Rate of Ceramics Durability The Life Span of a Ceramic Item Can It Withstand Impact Fashion Trends Popular Designs Jewelry Clothing Durability The Life Span of a Ceramic Item Can It Withstand Impact Types of Slip Stone wear Earth wear Porcelain Polycarbonate Glass Bone China Ceramic manufacturers Ceramic manufactures phone numbers Wearable Ceramic
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