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  1. Ok, here is the long awaited for picture - I was only able to salvage one piece, and this one didn't break in the middle of the handle like the others...but maybe this will help solve the mystery. I'm doing a cone 04 bisque right now, so I will report back soon. Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions! Anita
  2. Thanks, Everybody - Unfortunately, I don't have the cones to show you because they were fired by a friend and she didn't save them, but I will try firing some at cone 06 and 04 in my own kiln and see if that helps. I'll also beef up the handles - perhaps they were too delicate. But nobody is worried that the handles broke because I didn't pull them? I thought the lack of extra compression might have been a cause. Thanks, Anita
  3. Thanks for your responses, everybody. I'll work on getting a picture. These mugs were carried briefly, in an open box with newspaper stuffed around them. No bumps that I'm aware of. The handles break when I am holding them with my thumb and fore finger, at various angles, as I paint all the way around the mug (and no glaze on the handle yet). So there is some torque going on, I guess. The one thin vase that broke, I dipped it using my hands, not tongs - all five of my fingers around the rim and my palm above the opening. That broke when the thin part got wet. All pots were dried fa
  4. Hi - I am using porcelain for the first time, and while I knew it was persnickety, I am having an unexpected problem: it keeps breaking while I'm glazing. While one pot was a very thin (too thin probably) vase, I have had multiple cup handles break in the middle or away from their attachment site. The handles were not pulled - they were coils that I smoothed with a sponge, so I wondered if maybe the clay was not compressed enough? The handles were relatively small but the cup was small and thin, too, so I don't think that is the problem. It is a cone 10 Narra porcelain, and they were bisqu
  5. Ok, great! I'll try it, and let you know how it goes. Thanks for your responses! I noticed that the colors seem "muddier" fired too low...is this generally true, that firing at a higher temperature produces brighter, clearer colors? ( I'm using an electric kiln and Amaco glazes for cone 5&6).
  6. Hi - I was doing a glaze fire to cone 5 last night, and due to a dumb mistake on my part, the kiln shut off an hour too early. My question is this: can I save these pots by refiring them to the correct temperature? Can I do this without reglazing them? Is it even worth it? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
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