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    cagl84 reacted to jrgpots in What My Flutes Sound Like   
    I just got an amplifier and an acoustic microphone. Today I recorded a file and uploaded it to youtube. It's my first video post.

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    cagl84 got a reaction from Min in New Crop Of Flutes. I Need Critiques   
    Hey Dad! I think these look great! 1,5, and 6 are my favorites. I love the high contrast of colors in 1 and 6. And I love the subtlety of the glaze in 5. I have a feeling I will like 3 more when I get to see it in person. I can tell there are stamping details that just aren't coming through in the photograph. I really like the glazing on 2- but like preeta said about image 1, I think the raw clay of the holes needs to be addressed more. #5 the hole areas kind of absorbed some of the glaze and created a patina of sorts, a gradual change from glaze to raw clay. Which is so lovely and I wish 2 had that as well. 
    The only one that I do not like is #4. It seems a bit fleshy. It is a fantastic glaze and I do like the effect. But maybe not on this form- I'm struggling to not see it as phallic. And I hate to say it... as I hate that my work gets compared to anatomy a lot.
    Now I'm feeling a bit embarrassed so I'm going to go and hide under a rock for a bit. Love ya!
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    cagl84 got a reaction from D.M.Ernst in My Kiln Build   
    Oh this is so exciting!!
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    cagl84 got a reaction from Marcia Selsor in First Post, Seeking Feedback   
    Thanks for the camo analogy. I can see that.
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    cagl84 reacted to jrgpots in Community Challenge #5   
    I just finished carving the relief of the mountains.  The tree branch has Barnard"s slip.  I need to do sgraffito work on the tree branch.  I have one more day of work before I let them dry, then bisque firing.

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