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  1. I changed the elements and tested to make sure they are all working. Fired another cone 6 glaze fire. Again, after 30 hours the cone in the kiln sitter never melted. The glow from the kiln never got beyond orange. I need a pyrometers I guess. Around 30 hrs I shut the kiln off. Over 1/2 the pots were glossy but the others were Still chalky looking. Obviously not hitting temp. I guess I need to get an electrician to come Check out the kiln. Glazes were amaco potters choice glazes. Think I can re-fire?
  2. I'm firing my students work to cone 6. The elements are old and need changing but I went for it anyway. 30 hours later I shut the kiln off and it never hit temp (kilnsitter cone never melted) Am I going to have puddles of glaze on the shelves?
  3. I guess what my question is.... how do I fire medium speed to cone6 high long on low med and high? manual kiln, no computer, just 3 knobs! thanks
  4. Are planning to layer? eventually, I have heavy stamps and texture and want a lot of contrast. I just bought them and haven't run test tiles yet. It's been a while since I fired oxidation, I cant find a firing schedule online anywhere
  5. I just bought some Amaco Potter's Choice glazes to try out. Any suggestions on a firing schedule for cone 5 for a manual electric kiln? thanks!
  6. I found a product on dickblick.com called "soft kut". It is like linoleum but much softer and more flexable. this stuff cuts like butter! it is wonderful. I tried stamping it into clay and it works great. And it did not stick at all, came up clean.... Here is my question. I would like to use the to stamp on cups. the blocks are 4"x6". I really rather throwing over hand building cups. Any tips for stamping such a large stamp into soft thrown work? I will put pics of the stamps and the stamped clay soon. Thanks! http://www.dickblick.com/products/soft-kut-printing-blocks/
  7. wants to get her hands dirty

  8. I have my MFA in ceramics from Florida State the best tip I can give is: do lots of research, visit schools, and apply to more than one school! I applied to several schools and FSU offered me a paid assistanceship What i didnt know at the time was that the ceramics perfessor was retiring and I went most of my time there working with scuplture and painting professors Definately widened my knowledge in other areas but not having a ceramic prof hurt. best of luck
  9. I am trying to start building a home studio I dont have any space in my house for the studio or the kilns I was considering buying a wooden or metal shed any suggestions? thank you!
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