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  1. Hi, I just started to hand build with 2 different types of clay that are easy to work with. (Bennet and Oregon brown grogg) Made a couple of soap dishes and cookie cutter flat ornaments. The soap dishes were okay but the little flat cut outs pretty much all warped. I had them sitting on wood to dry, had them wrapped a few days, another batch just sat on a screen to dry from top and bottom. Most everything I made wobbles now. I was told to stick it in plastic to dry. But I also read to keep letting air get to it from both sides. It all is drying inside our house. What is the best way to dry clay so it does not warp and how long does it take to dry? I just started out and can't seem to get it right😟
  2. There are lots of mosaic ideas on the internet. Pinterest has great ideas also. Love the look for garden projects. I used to go to Goodwill to get dishes for the few projects I made and now I can collect my own:) It's important to cover the dishes you put the hammer on, with a towel or something like that, so nothing will get into your eyes.
  3. Ginny C did you scrape off the blue enamel off the clay back then? My clay is very light and very noticeable. But would it hurt the shelf, kiln or piece by the enamel?
  4. Thank you for the advise! I will return it!
  5. Broken china mosaic would maybe be a good way to use some of the pieces you don't want to keep anymore.
  6. Used my new Shimpo banding wheel yesterday and saw that the blue enamel color of the wheel came off onto the clay. Every time I wipe a little harder with a damp paper towel more of the color comes off. Is this normal? Is it okay? Can I do anything to stop this or should I return it? Thank you for any advise!
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