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  1. Thanks Chris! is there a spceific Amaco brand clear glaze you would recommend? the clear celadon mixer maybe? i'll also give the soda ash mixture a try. it will be my first at mixing something! specifically how hot should the water be? and can the leftovers be kept contained? So the soda ash recipe is totally non-foodsafe? exterior of bowls and containers maybe? and can it be fired at cone 6 or 10? (yup. definitely newbie at glaze making here) much appreciated
  2. Newbie here. I've been experimenting using different colored clay bodies and even colored clays using oxides and stains. Mostly for neriage/agateware technique. So far i've been leaving the exterior unglazed to show the true colors of the clay (usually buff, with ochre, white, or bclay). I've tried to glaze my pieces using an cone 6 oxidation clear glaze and cone 10 reduction clear glaze, but i find that the clay colors gets "covered" up by the glaze. Expecially in cone 10 where most of my dark clays (with iron) turns grey. Can anyone suggest an alternative glaze or material that will show through the clay underneath? tips?
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