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    TLDinNC reacted to Min in Handy Techniques   
    Can’t remember the last time we had a tips or techniques thread and there have been a few really good ones posted lately so thought it would be a good time to start another thread. Anybody have anything, simple, complicated, unusual or ? that they would like to share? My offerings below, nothing spectacular but things I use often. 
    Staple remover with the points filed down makes a pair of mini tongs for tiny pots, tiles, lids etc. 
    Neoprene disc that sticks to the wheel head with water, dampen the top of it with a sponge and pots stick to it without having to use wads of clay to hold pots down. (I don’t use a Giffin grip)  Also in that picture is the elbow part of a wire coat hanger that I use for callipers.
    Cheese slicer with the bar removed to quickly trim off the bulk of the clay up to the outer edge of where the foot will be trimmed.

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    TLDinNC reacted to neilestrick in Going To Buy Wheel And Kiln... What Do You Like?   
    I have 11 Thomas Stuart/Skutt wheels, and would never buy any other brand. The big splash pans keep my studio very clean.
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    TLDinNC reacted to Marcia Selsor in Visiting Phoenix/sedona - Suggestions   
    If you want to see an amazing collection of SW indigenous pottery, the Heard Museum is fantastic. -In Phoenix. http://heard.org
    And then there in the ceramics Research center on ASU campus
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    TLDinNC reacted to karenkstudio in Visiting Phoenix/sedona - Suggestions   
    One unusual thing happened when my husband and I were wondering through galleries in Sedona.
    We were locked in a bronze gallery and couldn't exit. The gallery was part of a small 2 story art mall with maybe 5 separate galleries that had access entry off an interior walkway which is where we entered.
    We looked around and began to notice that no one else was in the gallery, not even in the office.
    We tried to leave by the same door we entered but it was locked and could not be unlocked from the
    inside. There was another door facing the
    street and it was also locked. There was no way of unlocking either door Which we thought was really
    strange. After waiting and no one returned, we contemplated calling 911 but found a phone number on
    some of the printed information available in the gallery. The owner/manager was out of town so he called the individual who was covering the gallery. He had gone to the post office.
    Enjoy your trip!
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    TLDinNC reacted to karenkstudio in Visiting Phoenix/sedona - Suggestions   
    Try Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village, hwy 179 Sedona. It has several shops and galleries within reasonable walking distance. There were a lot of galleries along hwy 179 (entering from the south) with a mix of fine art, craft, and regional painters. Like you I was short of time and didn't come across any potters gallerie's or studios.
    The drive through Red Rock State Park on hwy 179 was gorgeous.
    We didn't check out the art scene in Phoenix.
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    TLDinNC reacted to GiselleNo5 in Wooden Ribs And Rollers   
    What are "french fingers"?
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    TLDinNC reacted to GiselleNo5 in Youtube Video Potters   
    I can see that everyone I personally love to watch has already been mentioned so I won't repeat that. 
    Instead here is the best advice I have for anybody: Watch as many videos as you can find of different people doing similar things even if you aren't a fan of their finished product or their style. Read as many articles as you can find on the internet or in magazines. Get pottery books of all levels. I have been doing that for five years. I didn't start wheel throwing until two years ago and I can tell you that all that reading and all those videos, all that information that I wasn't ready to use at the time, came back to me when I needed it. Every once in a while I go back and watch or read my favorites and I get something different out of them every time. Each time I watch a really amazing thrower in videos or workshops in person, I go home and try different moves and my throwing at this point is such a mishmash of other people's hand movements that I could not tell you really where each bit and piece came from. This patchwork makes up MY style, which is still developing and changing since I am such a new thrower. 
    In a nutshell: be voracious. Gobble up every scrap of information you can. People spend a lifetime in clay and continue to be surprised. Enjoy the ride.  
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    TLDinNC reacted to Mark C. in Kiln Wiring 3Phase To Single Phase   
    In our area most industrial sites (old lumber mills -heavy equipment shops state colleges ) all had three phase. Most residential areas do not have 3 phase
    on the poles .So most homes could not hook up a three phase kiln.
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    TLDinNC reacted to Saki in Black Grime On Wheel Head When Throwing?   
    Sally, That helps me understand why this started happening now, even though I have had the wheel for a year. I recently started trying to throw larger pieces — and as I figure out centering with more clay, I am undoubtedly applying too much pressure at times. Thanks for sharing your experience.
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    TLDinNC got a reaction from Saki in Black Grime On Wheel Head When Throwing?   
    So glad to hear the answer to this. I've had this with my new Skutt, and when I called them I was told I got some of the lubricating oil on the wheel head and to clean it with acetone. I did that. Multiple times, and I still get the grime, too. Doesn't happen on the old wheels at the community center.
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    TLDinNC reacted to Raelynne in Graybeards 1St Sale   
    Hi Graybeard! I am new to the forum but have read many of your posts, and just wanted to chime in to say not to be so hard on yourself. The first couple years in doing sales was trial and error for me figuring out which sales were worth going to. I went to quite a few that I look back on and think "Why on earth wouldn't I have checked that sale out more before hauling all of my stuff there!" So it very well may have been the sale, and nothing to do with your pieces at all! My first sale I sold all but one small box of pieces I had brought, then the next two I sold zero...then one more good one, then another zero. Still the odd sale that is a complete flop. Whenever I have a bad sale there are always so many kind potters that have been in the buisness for years and years that come around and remind me not to get discouraged...that it happens to everyone, pretty solid advice.
    Never be embarrassed for putting yourself out there and trying something
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    TLDinNC reacted to Marcia Selsor in Looking For Coil Pot Inspiration   
    Joyce Michaud practises coil throwing, an Eastern Asian technique.
    Adrian Arleo uses coil building in much of her figurative work. Here is an article from CAD which shares this site. You can research topics using the link to ceramic arts daily in the upper lefthand corner of the header.
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    TLDinNC got a reaction from Evelyne Schoenmann in Qotw: Do You Have A Story For Us, Featuring Tom Roberts (Aka Tjr) ?   
    This is such sad news. My sincere sympathies to his family and friends. It's a strange situation - to feel as though I've lost someone I know, but I've never met. As someone who has only been on this board for about 6 months, I read it religiously and have definitely come to think of many of you as people I "know." Tom answered questions I asked, and I knew anytime I saw his screen name that the comment would be kind and often funny. The world needs more funny & kind. I wish his family much comfort.
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    TLDinNC reacted to Marcia Selsor in Nature's Inspiration   
    Montana has inspired many artists by the beauty and environment. Here is a great video on the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse range. It has been inspiring me ever since a hard of wild horses came out of a cloud and surrounded our 2 cars on a clay digging field trip. We decided to continue to the top of the mountain after digging clay. http://www.ofgreatinterest.com/wild-pryor-horses/

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    TLDinNC reacted to AndreaB in Periscope   
    I follow Adam Field, Neil Celani, Michael Kline, Brandon Schwartz and you can also select Pottersofperiscope. Have a look at those members and see who they follow.  Happy viewing
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    TLDinNC reacted to Min in Qotw:what Is Your Favorite Redesigned/repurposed Common Kitchen Or Shop Tool For Pottery?   
    long hair rollers with the wire inside, using for supports.

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    TLDinNC reacted to Girts in Do You Like Crackled Glazes?   
    Stained glass! That's it! It has the same intensity and glow! Well spotted Giselle5. (Whatever happened to Giselle4? Or 3? Or 2? Is there a mass de-giseller on the loose?) Sorry - I digress.
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    TLDinNC reacted to Pugaboo in Damp Box Construction Question   
    Awhile back I asked about the type of plaster for a large damp box and really appreciate the input as to using plain old plaster of Paris. I made a small one about 6 months or so ago and have had handles and bottoms in it since the first week I made it, everything is still soft and workable. The big one I just made I am using to store box and mug blanks so I can decorate them to suit on demand rather than having to build them and delay the fun part of decorating.
    Damp boxes are great for using an extruder and I plan to make a couple more large ones for storing extruded parts that I can then quickly assemble. I tend to pull 25 to 50 pounds through the extruder at a time and then in the past had to scramble to get everything assembled before the parts got too dry. Now it's SO EASY, set up the extruder, pull, cut, firm up to soft leather hard, place in damp box, use as needed over months.
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    TLDinNC reacted to Chilly in Qotw: Which Topic Did You Like The Most?   
    I like the ones that make me think for a while before commenting.  There have been a couple where I've thought I had nothing to say, and then later after reading other's comments I found I did have something to contribute.
    Favourite was "Show us a picture of your working space" as that helps me imagine you all.
    Well done Evelyne with all your questions, I can't believe it's a year since you started asking them.
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    TLDinNC reacted to ChenowethArts in Wishing Everyone A Happy And Healthy 2016.   
    I'm borrowing a favorite Irish toast (...with respect to my Welsh background, of course):

    “Count your blessings instead of your crosses.
    Count your gains instead of your losses.
    Count your joys instead of your woes.
    Count your friends instead of your foes.
    Count your smiles instead of your tears.
    Count your courage instead of your fears.
    Count your full times instead of your lean.
    Count your kind deeds instead of your mean.
    Count your health instead of your wealth.
    Love your neighbor as much as yourself.â€

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    TLDinNC got a reaction from Joseph Fireborn in My Journey In 2015 - A Big Thanks To This Community.   
    Hello all- I can certainly echo Joseph's comments about how helpful this forum is. I only began my journey in October after years of saying "some day I'll take a pottery class." Well, I began my first class in October and I am hooked. Our class is basically an open studio with little/no instruction, so between what I've read here and youtube videos, I am trying to soak up as much information as possible. I just wanted to thank you all for generously sharing your insights and thoughts. You've certainly helped me! Happy New Year!
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    TLDinNC reacted to Cavy Fire Studios in Buying A New Wheel! ^_^ Yes!   
    It'll work well for my poor busted paws, though. I'm cool with wonky if it means I can still make stuff! ♥
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    TLDinNC reacted to GiselleNo5 in Newbie Discouraged But Persistent---Help!   
    I had to respond to this because I want to encourage you to keep going and to be kinder to yourself.
    I've been working with clay for three years now, mostly slab- and hand building and it is definitely not something that I was instantly good at. What you lack in skill you can sometimes make up for in surface decoration like stamping, carving, slip trailing. Who wants a "factory-made" look? My friend always says she makes people pay extra when it's imperfect because then it's more unique.
    I started seriously attempting to learn wheel throwing in October of 2014. I was so stressed out by this and so upset with myself for not succeeding instantly!! perfectly!! easily!! like all these people who have been throwing for 30 years!! What was wrong with me?
    I told myself in October when my dad bought his wheel and set it up in my garage for us to use, that it didn't matter how much clay I used. It wasn't wasted because I would recycle it. It didn't matter how much time it took. This was important to me. And last but most important, I wanted it to be F U N.
    Between October and Feb. 15, I used huge amounts of clay. I just could not center, which mean that in all that time and with all those tries I had one or two items that did not collapse, or break, or wobble. Nothing that was really "nice" and nothing that I could make into something functional and be proud of it. Each week I would watch several videos of different people centering different ways and I would try different things. And I repeated my pep talk to myself over and over and over because I would forget and tense up and get stressed out that I was spending all this time and wasn't MAKING anything.
    In February one day I went out to throw and when I was done I had three things sitting there that had not collapsed, or ripped, or wobbled. They were my first wheel-thrown mugs. After a couple of weeks of throwing almost centered pieces I finally got the hang of centering and suddenly could make what was in my mind. I still can't quite believe it when I sit down and decide to make *this* shape and end up with *this* shape. It's slightly shocking to me and a struggle to remember that it was SO HARD. Now I'm making the things I've been dreaming of for three years.
    And I know some of this is going to repeat the things the veteran potters on here have said but it's really important.
    1. There is not only one right way to throw. My aunt in Kansas commented on a video about how differently I throw and posted a video of herself throwing so that I could see ... every single thing, from the way we held our hands to the way we lifted the clay and finished off the piece, was different. And yet we both throw successful pots. My dad comes over and thinks my knuckle pulls are weird, while I'm trying to figure out how he does his huge five pound bowls. (We're both learners). My best advice, and what is working for me, is to watch lots of different potters in person and on YouTube and take little bits and pieces that work for you to build your own style.
    2. LET GO OF THE RESULT. The more stressed out I am, the more likely my pots are to be uneven and ugly. Tell yourself that it's a process and you're learning and improving every time you sit down whether you have finished pieces at the end or not. Your brain and muscles will learn from failed pots even if it's an intangible result at first.
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