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    Can’t remember the last time we had a tips or techniques thread and there have been a few really good ones posted lately so thought it would be a good time to start another thread. Anybody have anything, simple, complicated, unusual or ? that they would like to share? My offerings below, nothing spectacular but things I use often. 
    Staple remover with the points filed down makes a pair of mini tongs for tiny pots, tiles, lids etc. 
    Neoprene disc that sticks to the wheel head with water, dampen the top of it with a sponge and pots stick to it without having to use wads of clay to hold pots down. (I don’t use a Giffin grip)  Also in that picture is the elbow part of a wire coat hanger that I use for callipers.
    Cheese slicer with the bar removed to quickly trim off the bulk of the clay up to the outer edge of where the foot will be trimmed.

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