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  1. Hello Evelyne and thanks for the kind welcome! Ultimately what I'm hoping for is to get closer to clay. I really miss working with this material and know that I want to develop a deeper understanding of it, both technically and culturally. I would like to learn more about process and approach. I am also extremely concerned with the social context of ceramics and the beauty of its function. Most of my experience is in hand building, but I do have some experience throwing as well. I have some experience mixing clay, glazes, and electric and gas firings. I have also experimented with open pit firing. I have been thinking of going to graduate school, but I am interested in different approaches to study through apprenticeship, assistantship, etc... Some sort of work or volunteering in a studio would be preferred, but I'm not sure what sort of opportunities are out there for this sort of thing. Currently I am staying in the south of France. I am learning French, but English is my native language. I am very open to staying in different regions of Europe, but Germany, Switzerland, France, and Spain are some places I would be more interested in. I am also open to different periods of time, but something that was more long term(more than a few months) would be preferred. I am interested in any suggestions or ideas you might have, and appreciate your response! Dennison
  2. Hello, my name is Dennison and I am a recent BFA graduate from Eastern Michigan University. My studies were concentrated in sculpture, but I was primarily producing ceramics for use in social engagement and for making objects to use in short films. Currently I am traveling around Europe and working as a volunteer on different projects and farms, but I am extremely interested in pursuing a practice with ceramics. I am looking for some sort of opportunity such as an apprenticeship, assistantship, internship, or other studio/workshop help. I am not necessarily looking for a paid position, something volunteer related would be vauleable to me as well. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? Thanks for the help! Dennison
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