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  1. If this were true, why would the base narrow to one small opening/hole? Also, why would the body be so shallow? It doesn't make sense =/
  2. Do you have any pictures or examples of the kiln you are talking about? These are all pictures of the same item.
  3. The pictures are from the same artifact- just various views. This artifact comes from the Honolulu Iron Works archaeological site. It's a historical artifact. The top and inside are glazed while the perforated side is not. Other than this, I really have no other information about it =/
  4. Hey everyone! I could use your help.... I've been trying to figure out what this artifact is. Would you happen to have a clue as to what it could be? Have you encountered anything similar? What culture does this come from? Some suggestions I've gotten are shower head and watering can spout. I would love to see your insight on such an item. Thanks! ​
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