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  1. Thanks! I would never have found that site! I am sure it will be helpful!
  2. I think this will be great for him. I simply think staying busy with creative activities is good for everyone.
  3. I am too, because I am amazed at what the other children are doing. My kids are home-schooled and no TV at all....Games are very restricted, so when they finish their daily curriculum, there is nothing else, except to find something educational. I really do think the best thing about home schooling is that I have been able to give my children the gift of time...I really believe, that all children have gifts, but often don't have the chance to find them. They can't come up with a whim and talk me into financing just anything. I will know when it is the right thing, for a particular child. I have to feel in my heart their wants and subsequent needs are sincere...There is NO money to waste here and everything comes with a sacrifice...Which is just fine...because I also believe sacrifice can be a gift. This child also has some cerebral palsy...He no longer wears leg braces and does really well, except for he does have hand tremors...I think doing pottery will be wonderful for him. He will overcome this! Cannot wait!
  4. Thanks! We've been around the block....One is wood-turning and another is wool/fiber spinning, including raising our own sheep/angora rabbits...We eventually find our way. I will get the cone chart. He is interested in dinnerware, so going to try and keep him focused on that for quite a while. I never thought of ceramics textbooks...My kids LOVE books and I don't mind buying books for reference...They will re-read them over and over again. I am trying to get the things he needs to follow through on some projects. One thing about these kids...When they get to the point where I will buy something like a lathe, spinning wheel, and now pottery wheel.....They seriously will take it from 0 to blast-off....I love it!
  5. Just bought the "Surface Design for Ceramics" for $13.34...Again from Amazon. Can you tell I have 0% knowledge of this art???? And complete faith in all of you! Thank you! Needless to say...This is one reason we have no air-conditioning, clothes dryer, and heat our house and water with wood....I waste my money on my kids! HA! Not really wasted...Hopefully a gift he will carry with him through-out his lifetime...So it's the least I can do for him and the others....
  6. Thanks! This child wants to make dinnerware..,,Don't know what the fascination is..He barely eats. But he is fascinated with dinnerware and I definitely want them to be safe. I have so much to learn!
  7. The fine print from the makers of commercial glazes state it was tested under their firing conditions but each user needs to test for their particular clay body, kiln, and firing schedule. They extend no liability coverage to users should something go wrong with a pot you make and sell. Because you don't know the ingredients of commercial glazes, you really don't know what they are using to get those bright colors or for what they tested the glazes. As the seller of the item, you are ultimately responsible for the products you use . . . not the manufacturer. Also, if you layer the glazes, the companies do not test for that. So, two safe glazes could result in one bad glaze. Same for home made glazes, combinations change everything. Oh boy! You are scaring me! HA!
  8. Yes...I did confuse the two. I thought it was remarkable what the dad was doing and we have written back and forth. I hoped it would give encouragement to our Sweet Mennonite friend, to know someone that had figured out how to do this one handed.
  9. The thing is on the way. I bought the Thomas Stuart Professional Wheel. The sales person talked me out of the SSX upgrade. I bought some bats and have ordered 4 pottery books from Amazon. I know there is much more for us to learn, but I know I will have a very excited child. I ordered from Clay King late this morning and I just received a notice from Fed-Ex that the wheel is in transit. Now for me to figure out how to get this thing in the house, wrapped, and hidden..Considering it weighs much more than I do! I am still unsure of what we will do for a kiln. I may buy an electric one or let kids try and build one.... Thanks for helping me...Now to learn about clays and glazes and on and on we will go..
  10. I don't believe you can throw Sculpey (from my experience with poly clay it just would NOT work for various reasons), but you know, you CAN throw air dry clay. *wiggles eyebrows* Might be fun! You can't use the things for functional use, only decorative, but you can just paint and seal them with acrylic. I agree with BCiske that the stoneware is cheaper and of course more fun. However if you do not have a kiln and glazes polymer clay and air dry clay are a way to keep your hands in clay with no extra equipment needed. Thank you!
  11. Thanks...I know I am clay dumb, but what is stoneware?
  12. Polymer clay can be used and reused. It's oil-based so it does not dry up, stays workable till you bake it. If you get some: keep it in the cellophane it comes in. Do NOT put it on your furniture or in a plastic container or the oils in the clay will eat through it. I buy plain white Sculpey 8# at a time from Michaels'. I wait till I get a 40% off coupon so the box only costs $30 instead of $50. Thank you! I will get some. You can print of Michaels' coupons on-line, so you don't have to wait to get one.
  13. A bag or box of any clay would work . . . just practice making items, then recycle the clay and not let it dry out. Most clays are similar in price (dirt cheap, pardon the pun) except for porcelains. A plain old stoneware would be fine. Thank you! This is going to be a big learning experience and I so appreciate the help!
  14. Also...One more question...My sister said she thought there was a clay, that my son could practice with, that wouldn't dry....So he could just smash up and try again. My sister didn't remember the name of it and I am "clay" dumb...Does anyone know what I need to order?
  15. Does anyone know if it is worth the extra money to buy the"SSX drive upgrade" for the Thomas Stuart Professional....I am ready to order, but wanted to see if this extra expense was worth it. Thanks!
  16. I have heard of Berea...I think we would love to go there! Thank you!
  17. Right now I am leaning towards the same. Will have to decide soon, so it will be under the tree in time! Thanks! I am was wondering if you bought your wheel with the "SSX drive upgrade" and if it is worth extra money. This is for a child, so if it would help him, I would pay, but if not of a lot of use, will skip it.
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