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  1. Hi guys there is no any ash on the food haha LOL every person who tasted the food under this was suprised by the taste we dont cook anymore under this usual dishes, not even our users of this kind of pottery, This is not thrown this is more like building the dish this skill is used by our ancesters and there is no much left of us just three of us doing like this...
  2. Take a look at this BIG massive pot for baking food on Fireplace
  3. Hi thanks, it will be tutorials about everything in details,for upcoming just be updated with subscribe
  4. I have pottery experience for over 25 years and my pottery like dishes pots and other stuff are mainly made for cooking and baking food in all sort of ways.If you have any questions please ask,down there are some my links you can watch.GREETINGS FROM CROATIA FOLKS!!! MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBqBVr6l0q1_YHeBQNSoOVw DIRECT LINK on one of the videos:
  5. This is MUST see...thanks for watching...
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