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    Clay LOL that seems self explanatory....I love reading scifi fantasy, horses and animals as a whole, I am a proud grandmother and a full time potter both keep me on my toes and busier than a person has the right to be LOL
  1. I found this thread at just the right time I have been asked to be in my first show in Dec, once the adrenaline and joy calmed down I had a OMG moment. I had no idea how to price anything. Thank you so much everybody who posted..my panic has back downed a little bit LOL.
  2. Thank you thank you a million thank you's John LOL....
  3. I have made huge buckets of glazes while under my internship, however these were all tried and trusted glaze recipes so I did not have to make test samples. I just recently downloaded DitgialFire Insight, and I am muddling through that (I suck so bad at math and chemistry), and I have searched with google high and low on how to break a recipe down to make only a test batch. Also since I am exposing myself as a bit daft.. how do you convert recipes from % to grams or milligrams. Please could somebody help me and if this has been a recent topic please forgive me I am just getting use to this site and not use to the search engine Thank you in advance Gem
  4. Hi everybody; I just joined and saw this thread and thought I would pop by and say hi. My name is Gem, and I am a mudaholic...oops wrong thread LOL. I live in a condo in Peekskill New York and hopefully will be moving in 8 months to Maine to have property and finally stop living like a sardine. I am originally from Canada (Manitoba).... I am self taught with a few community college classes thrown in for good measure, and a 2 and half year internship so that I could learn in the old way. I currently fire out of a local clay studio that has a wonderful vibe about it. I have a wheel and studio in my basement...which is beyond messy and needs to be cleaned LOL I prefer reduction firing because of the unknowing of how the glaze will come out. It is like christmas every time I open the kiln ...your never sure what you will get. LOL. I am currently trying to learn the chemistry of glazing.. I do mostly functional pottery with a twist LOL the twist being I love carvings, and double walled vessels are my passion. I am not sure what else to say...oh and the name of my studio is BadKatPottery after the four fur babies who insist on rolling in the dry mud, sleeping in the wheel well, and think the spinning wheel is a fun ride. That's about it for now LOL
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