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  1. All good suggestions. I'm willing to test them all... Sounds good fun. I think it's a bog standard stoneware clay, it was a school with a tight budget. Much of the glazing was a mystery to us. Plunge and hope. We too had a bucket that everything was emptied into and this may well have even one. And Joel, yes that looks similar... What is it?
  2. Thanks, I will note them down and try and hunt them out.
  3. A challenge for you glaze experts. Is anyone able to hazard a guess to a glaze recipe for the attached image. It's something that I made years ago in high school where the buckets of glaze were a bit of a mystery. You used to dunk and hope, the technician had the knowledge and wasn't sharing! If anyone has a similar style of glaze they could point me to that would be great.
  4. Thanks. That looks good and is on the list to do! I was hoping that there would be a few little studios or galleries around for me to buy some locally produced pieces while we are there next year if anyone knows of any good places to point me.
  5. Could anyone recommend some good places to visit to see Ceramics in or around West Hollywood and San Fransisco?
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