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  1. I have recently moved to an residential area and the power is single phase. My kiln is 3 phase, and I had an electrician, who said this would work, hard wire it so it works on only 1 phase. Well it doesn't work and would have taken 75 hours to reach the temp I needed for cone 6 glaze. Has anyone ever done this conversion? The kiln manufacturer say I need new control box, new wiring and new elements, or there is phase converters. Both are about $1,500. I am trying to get away cheap but not sure now if it is worth it, especially if it doesn't work. Does anybody know if it is even possible to just hard wire it different to change from 3 to single phase, maybe my electrician has done something wrong? Christmas is coming and I need to get firing, please help!
  2. My studio is not heated and it has been in the 30's at night. I noticed my large bowl, that were drying, had S cracks. I am familiar with this problem and think I should've dryed them slower but I was wondering if the cold weather excellerates the drying or has any effect on pots as far as cracking while drying. I am also at high altitude so does that have any effect on drying greenware?
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