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  1. Thanks for all of your help! What an AMAZING community!

  2. Marcia, You said to put kiln wash over the cone supports and all of the brick/kiln cement in the kiln? Is that what I need to do to an old but never used kiln I've acquired? I know it needs to go on the shelves but didn't know the entire kiln should be covered. Is this something I should do on a regular basis? Thanks for your help! Sharon
  3. I have a never been used but old kiln sitter type kiln and I wanted to use it in my garage. My garage is attached but there is an air tight door to the house. I didn't want to invest in a vent system yet because the kiln is old and I don't know if or how well it will work. I will leave the garage door open a bit for venting. Is this safe? Thank you, in advance, for your help!
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