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  1. Wow, Thanks for all the replies ! First of all it Should be used As a small appetizer plate so that's already part of the mistery solved 😀 Of all the replies I've seen there are two that I Will try : 1: just try to fire it and see what happens 2: fire the disc and bar seperately and Glue them together Thans for the help !
  2. Hi, Teacher thought the disc would Warp/slump The idea was to only glaze the top of the disc for food use.
  3. Thanks for the replies @babs : the bar is not solid @judith : I'm not exactly sure that I understand what you mean. Do you mean making the disc thicker and merging it with the bar ?
  4. Hi, all. I've attached the picture now. Sorry I messed up.
  5. Hi, In the attachment you can see a drawing of what I'd like to make. It's a simple rectangular bar with a disc attached to the top. The round disc extends about 1" (2,5cm) on each side of the bar. I want to glaze the round disc so I can use it to serve food on it. Can this be made ? If yes, please tell me how because my teacher told me that this would be impossible. I hope it's not. Thanks a lot for all the help.
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