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  1. Are you drying your pots to fast? Like in a low humid area? I bought some heavy plastic and lined two shelves in plastic sheet and duck tape and let my pots dry slowly. My stoneware dries fine. But I an starting to play with porcelain and I hear it needs to dry slowly.
  2. No I don't think it over fired according to the cones on each shelf. The kiln came out of central FL and was not used in a long time. I think they were a little rusted and that caused them to fuse. Kiln wash on pedestal is so cones will not fuse to clay and I can reuse the pedestal.
  3. That is good to know what I buy will last me all my life.... That makes paying that much feel better. The cone pedstals will be something I make. I will use them to prop my witness cones up so I can see them through the peep hole. Kiln wash is usually a mixture of alumina hydrate and kaolin Brushed on the self to prevent stuff from sticking. Like the cones I melted to the shelf. I was able to pop them off with a flat head screw driver because I had a very good coat of kiln wash on the shelves. I had to replace the kiln was that was removed when I popped everything off. Yes the bar melted and stuck permanently to the bars on the kiln sitter.
  4. Min.... Thanks for sharing. Great information!!
  5. Thank you Alice. I was so excited to open the kiln this morning. "your list of changes to make include stuff at 3 and 4 that need more info. what are you going to put kiln wash on??????" 3) I am going to create multiple witness cone pedstals of different heights and kiln wash the top of them to assure I always have an eye on the witness cones on top self. I placed witness cones on the other two lower shelves just to let me know the temp there. 4) kiln wash the metal tabs on the kiln sitter. I forgot to put kiln wash on them and the witness cone bar stuck to the metal tabs. I was totally shocked the broken kiln sitter worked. I will pick up one of those notebooks this week. Yes that was rutile out of the bottle.... I will eventually start mixing my glaze. I am slowly collecting equipment. The sieves are expensive.
  6. My last note on this subject.... Adding pictures..... Great lessons learned. 1) put a bar in kiln sitter even if broken and still watch closely. 2) I do not need to be so conservative of glaze line at bottom. 3) pedstal cones and kiln wash surface 4) kiln wash kiln sitter tabs. 5) combined glazes do not always work to Amaco instruction some worked great. Just experiment first time using glaze. 6) layering different colors do color over lap in up and down manor. 7) if firing completely manual triple check cone view in peep holes before firing. 8) when glazing keep a log of your experiments.... You will forget something. I couldn't attach all got the dreaded to large notic. This a flavor of load. Enjoy.... And big thank you to all. Remember I am a beginner.
  7. Hahaha cute picture. Trim down the bulk and you will be the tin man. Oil can can be habit forming.
  8. Hi Mark.... I had a Thought.... I took a class at Arrowmont we did Raku last day. The instructor ran in and put on some protective gear. To my surprise I recognized what he had on. It was an old pliable leather fencing coaches protector. Long sleeves and snaps down front half way down the chest. I looked up Fencing Coaches gear and couldn't find what I remember. There is a fencing equipment company that probably could make it if they don't have them in stock. Triplette Compatition Arms in Elkin NC. Another thought is the modern coaching equipment now just have the Eppe leather sleeve. If you are wanting to protect the arms buy 2 sleeves. I think TCA has those at 75 dollars a sleeve.
  9. ***UPDATE***. Busy two weeks... Funeral a very good celebration of my Uncles life..... My Surgery great I am doing better than expected. I glazed the Madien Bisque load while I was out on medical leave. They took a lot of time to dry between layers. I was brushing on Potters Choice. What also helped the drying was a space heater and a small fan on table. I glazed every piece, I had the time. I fired the glazed pieces today and I am sooooo excited!!! Yes, I peeked twice. Sorry I know that is a no no but I was soooo curious. I did not melt the cones to the shelf. And I saw some pretty colors!! Here is the craziest thing.... I stuck the broken kiln sitter tube back into place and put a cone 6 bar into the sitter. I figured why not I am watching it closely any how. This kiln sitter shut the kiln off!!! I have a new kiln sitter and tube. The old sitter I have does not fit the newer tubes, so I had to buy the rest of the kiln sitter.... I will post pictures tomorrow. Once agin thank you for all the wonderful advice and encouragement.
  10. Hi Alice... I will talk to Bill May. I don't know about being President though. I wish the other Bill was still there because his background was pottery. Bill May is stain glass. Ahhhh my new babysitter tube came yesterday.... I was surprised it came so soon. I will need to put it in Sunday or following weekend. Right now I am waiting on my car oil change and alignment. Heading from TN to FL for a funeral.
  11. Great point Alice I should have known better, considering I do volunteer work there. They have nice galleries, store and a library you can visit.
  12. In Pigeon Forge the Titanic was a bit of a disappointment. In Gatlinburg the Believe it or Not museum was not really worth the money. The Sea Aquarium is like all the others. One place my grandchildren enjoyed was The Works in Pigeon Forge can't miss it. It is the upside down building. Tons of mountain roller coasters. These are the touristy things. The more natural things and to see how people lived in the past.... Behind Gatlinburg is a motor tour one lane road has the homes of different people and imagine how they lived. Great photo opportunities. Another place is Cade's Cove 11 mile loop to drive. Caution you if you go to Cade's Cove Little River Rd is a road used by locals. If you have a local riding your bumper, there are many pull overs let them by and all will be good. If play brake to scare, they will laugh and will ride you closer. Up the mountain is a very pretty trail called Alum Cave popular too. Chimneys trail my be to strenuous with children, lots and lots of stairs.
  13. I agree 100% about fixing the kiln sitter. Every Newbie should at least have that on their kiln. It is on order and the next firing will have the sitter. Wow what an adventure. I cannot thank all of you enough for all the valuable advise I have received. All of you have no idea how supported I feel. I started this post with such lonely, hopeless, and scared feelings. I was desperate, and thinking I was not capable of doing this out on my own. Thank you soooooo very much. I hope everyone of you feel the great energy you have instilled in me. I can and will do this and continue to make wonderful gifts. Thank you thank you!!
  14. I will try to glaze this load. Thank you for all the great encouraging words. I will not be able to fire for at least a week. I have a funeral a ways away this weekend and maybe fire the following weekend. I cannot express my great appreciation to all of you and I will post pictures of the glazed pieces. Thank you thank you.
  15. Ha I just remember I had this picture if this can help tell how hot it was.... I know some of you were talking color.
  16. I love my 2 Aussies.... Then acquired a chihuahua via a roommate taking off and leaving her with me. Then I got her a boyfriend they had 4 babies 3 years ago and one cat. Everyone is fixed. My stamp is a dog paw and I enjoy dogging animal bowls for my babies and friends.
  17. Good evening Alice.... I have Amaco Potters Choice glaze and will brush on. I do have a cone chart to look at. If I can glaze this batch I would fire to Cone 6. I have emailed one of the instructors I had and have not heard back. The other instructor just had a baby and I do not feel comfortable contacting her. This is her first baby and I am sure her hands are full. I am going to try reseating the sitter tube until I can get another. I am not sure if I have to trash this batch. I am hoping not because I have a couple of cups I would like to try to save for a girl at work.
  18. Hi Neil.... Here are pics. Today was a Monday which is a different way to spell crazy. I did not get a chance to call Paragon. Thanks so much for helping. I really cannot complain seeing I picked it up for $150. The rod is still intact. Not sure if you could see it.
  19. I watched the videos they were very helpful. Gave me confidence that I can fix the babysitter on my own. I also did the tongue thing and it really did not stick. Will I know right away that the glaze is not going to work or will I not know until I fire the pots and have a mess.
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