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  1. I recently released a pottery website, http://www.twistedterra.com. I've been using GoDaddy for hosting. They're dependable and a decent price. I use Zen Cart for a shopping cart. I've added a various modules to Zen Cart. It's useful but not necessary to know PhP in order to add modules to Zen Cart. The Google Product Search module to allow uploading of the pottery to a Google Merchant account. A USPS module allows for automatic calculations of shipping based on weight. I'll soon add a module to post to Yahoo Shopping. I like how easy Zen Cart makes it to upload descriptions and photos. So far one potter uploaded her work and two others plan to upload their work in the near future. I use PayPal for payments. This way instead of buying a security certificate, PayPal protects the credit card info. The implementation is transparent to customers, since they don't have to have a PayPal account. I use Dreamweaver for building regular webpages and customizing Zen Cart. Dreamweaver is great for those that know how to use it well... but it's not a tool I would suggest to everyone. That said, Dreamweaver allows me complete control, especially of my SEO tagging. I use Photoshop to clean up photos and create site graphics. I use Flickr for photo sharing and website slide shows. Nice to be able to do some social media marketing in tandem with implementing slideshows. I use a Flickr group so that multiple potters can upload their photos for the slideshows. I use AddThis for some social media marketing. Has anyone else found that social media marketing to Digg seems to work rather well? I get more visitors from some of the other social media sites, but they don't stay long. The articles will need more work to further engage social media visitors. I use Google Webmaster Tools for submitting a sitemap to Google. I use Google Analytics to track SEO and social media marketing efforts. The site was really made available two weeks ago. I'm currently getting 10-50 unique visitors a day (averaging around 25), which is still growing at a decent pace. About 20% stay and explore the site, and so far one sale. I suspect more options on the pottery will help increase sales. How many visitors do others usually get? What percentage of sales do others see from the number of unique visitors? Once traffic levels off from organic SEO, I'll activate Google AdWords. Use of Google Analytics campaigns will allow tracking of return on investment for Google AdWords. Thanks, Chris
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