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  1. Thanks Guys! Im just looking for a speckle, what can I wedge into clay body before throwing that won't destroy my hands, or be overly noxious for my body? Maybe this just isn't an option. Joseph and Bciske I appreciate the quick responses! I'm going to avoid manganese. I like the native materials idea tho! Also I don't have incredibly manly hands, haha, But I do throw the initial stage of my pots pretty dry. I'm not much of a sponge guy, but maybe my aims will lead me into throwing with a sponge again!? Thanks all, I love learning about this stuff (:
  2. Any thoughts from any body else here? Was wondering if there isn't some sort of black sand or iron rich sand that I could just wedge into clay before throwing? No experience with that. just researched and found laguna has a WC leaning towards WC398 and WC-420 from Laguna. Is there a coarser granular Iron Pyrite you can add to a throwing body throw wedging..? Diesel Clay Thats sounds great, Matt I'll pick you up on the way. haha Thanks for the help guys!
  3. DANG! Looks like a great selection. & maybe I need to move to Canada! Thanks for the help, I'll keep looking.
  4. Also The Laguna WC 608 would be perfect if it were white instead of Buff at the finish, I want a body that Celadons look bright and brilliant on, but also lends itself to some of these glazes that mimic that reduction firing look! IE. Coyote Light Shino, or Amaco Blue Rutile, etc. Working from home in Electric, so have to buy this stuff in bulk from Manufacturer. Oxidation Cone^5-^6. Thank You guys!
  5. Thank you all! Appreciate the quick responses! I'm starting from scratch moving from a production facility to building my own studio from the ground up! So I won't immediately have access to a pug mill, and or be interested right away in formulating my own body in Dry. So I'll be forced to buy Moist, but I have heard of Manganese infused clay bodies being a bit of a noxious to work with, so I'm hesitant, but still interested in its properties. Im located in Indianapolis, so practically right smack dab on top of Amaco, and they have a full Amaco distribution here, that they seem to be interested in growing. I have thrown Laguna Bmix^5, but have experienced certain glazes looking less brilliant/interesting on the Bmix compared to say a warmer, iron-rich buff clay body. That being said, I've narrowed my search to [Amaco No. 480 buff brown][standard 182 or 630 w/mullite] but they aren't quite what I want, and if I'm buying a palette of this stuff, I figure I better research as much as I can! Oh and the body firing range is hopefully between ^5 and ^6, in an oxidation atmosphere. This is where I have most experience/research firing glazes! Diesel Clay is there a website that I can access that kind of body, with a decent images of the clay bodies properties? Standard C. has a great selection, but the photos online are treacherous HA! Any comments or suggestions welcome, I'm a newby, going out on my own for the first time, Thanks y'all
  6. Hey all, Im looking to start a studio from scratch, build out an aesthetic and eventually sell online. I'm interested in a more premium dinnerware plating look. Coming from a throwing body. I don't know if there are any good white stonewares out there, that have a little iron in them and a bit of a pepper or speckle too? I know that may be a lot to ask in one body, but didn't know if I just haven't searched the right company yet, or someone might have some answers here for me. Thanks for taking the time! Codey
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