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  1. Hello, nice topic, seems every clay worker likes to assemble strange things in the studio! I've not yet found one item I love for modelling. (Or it's my lack of english language) Ballpens, or "ballpoint pens" which don't write any more, are great if you take the pieces one by one. Usually, in front is a small metal piece you can screw off, I use it for imprinting eyes on small figures of clay. Bigger round end for outside, smaller end inside. The longer part makes nice holes, good for any sign which needs holes to get on a wall, and at least any fish scale or dragon s
  2. A very special topic and really helpful! Infact, I have not yet thougt about the "Pottery rules" to hand out or put on the wall, but I will definitily work on it! I work with children in a rather old class-room with no good tables, so we have a lot of newspaper to put on the tables first, so that the clay won't grab any dust, wood, colours on the tables while we work with it. Not the best situation, infact. Cleaning up is not the favourite thing for the children.. of course!;-) The materials are often thrown back to the storage without cleaning or drying.. infact, they don't WANT to
  3. Hello morah, I think your situation is not so very simple, having children from 5-13 years, only 45 minutes a day and around 20 children at once! My great respect to you! I´ve experience with classes of 18 children, who not really wanted to do clay projects but had to attend them because of the schools afternoon schedule. It was really a horrible situation for me, (2010) teaching simple projects nearly prohibited by those children who tend to use clay, paper and water to create throwable little bombs.. ;-) I claimed at the school to change their system to only maximum 10 kids
  4. Hi, I used Terre RIF once, and was wandering about " 5 % Mica" in it. http://www.toepferspass.de/index.php/keramikbedarf/Fuchs-Ton-schamottierte-Massen-12/product-Terre-RIF-zimt-umbra@TR3015 This product is for rather low temperatures up to 1050 °C or primitive firing techniques. when you use it for lower temperatures, the mica will show (even after biscque firing) at "920 ° they sparkel " Mica is the glimmer in there. I don't know if you can use the digged out one as a component for your clay, but it is worth a try.. isn't it? Good luck!
  5. I am not an expert for fishes, but I made ceramic deco for my freshwater aquarium (only simple 100l) It is no Problem for now nearly two years. I used a light grey clay and brown slip (which is indicated for dishes too) and red slip. Everything is now darker because of the algues, but looks very nice and natural. I think it adds value to my Aquarium because the bacteriums which are in the filter medium can live also on the surface of the clay, if it is still porous. Maybe I am wrong, but fishes are always healthy. after building fresh clay with new plants (newly
  6. Many thanks for your approach to "any pictures" ;-) I'm totally impressed by claclanas work! wonderful! I'm just a beginner in throwing, I like figurative work. to anyone who want to look: http://maoridesign.jimdo.com/ (sorry, it's only in German). Comments in the guestbook appreciated (German: Gästebuch)
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