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  1. i will bookmark these links and look thru them to familiarize myself. i called the people at mason stains yesterday and they were really helpful, as well. the lab tech i talked to there said the same--they are all food safe--just do not inhale the powder form. thanks for all the great info! regards, rach
  2. I love staining porcelain clay bodies with mason stains and then combining colors. However, before I go crazy and start ordering a bunch of random colors, I want to make sure that I only use food safe stains since these will be used in food bowls. I am wondering how I verify which stains can be used to stain clay bodies that will be used for functional ware. The people at the place where I buy from in Dallas, Texas assured me that if I am staining the clay body then ANY stains that I use will be food safe. This seems odd to me that ALL stains are food safe. There are some with cadmium which I know is a concern in glazes. (For this reason, I don’t use any glazes with cadmium since I like to err on the side of caution.) However, after researching on the mason website and looking at the material safety data sheets for various stains I don’t see anywhere on how to find out which stains actually are food safe. And I can’t seem to locate a list of ingredients to stay away from. Has anyone run into this and found a useful resource? Should I just stay away from the ones that use cadmium? Or are those safe to use since I am staining the body? I plan on firing to cone 6-10 with a food safe clear glaze---I will have to play around with various cone firings to see which bring about the most vibrant colors. Thanks in advance for any info. I should add that I willl send samples to a lab to be tested before selling any as “food safe.†I am just trying to figure out where to even start.
  3. i called brandywine science center in PA. i am going to send one bowl of each glaze that i use into them so that they can test for cadmium/lead. as far as you are aware--are they the best/most reputable, reliable place? i have also looked at the info about testing for leaching. (with the lemon and the soda ash and vinegar)---and will do that. is there anything else i should do? all i am selling is food bowls and canisters and i am realizing what a huge responsibilty that i am taking on in telling people that they are food safe. want to make sure that i am going about this in the responsible way. chris, also thanks for the info on the CERF site. i will check that out as well. **also, side note: this site is WONDERFUL!! i have had so many questions answered--what a great tool!
  4. i appreciate you both taking the time to explain. i kept getting the standard response "as long as the glaze says it's safe it IS." i will definitely get this book. and i am glad you mentioned the idea of the insurance. my husband had mentioned making this an LLP (?) to protect us personally. sounds like he was not being overly cautious. thanks again for giving me a starting point!
  5. thank you for the info! i use 04-06 glazes. or do you have one you recommend for the low fires? i am looking on amazon at the one you recommended and it looks like it only addresses the higher ranges.
  6. i have recently decided to start selling some of my (many) bowls that i have made over the years. what is my responsibility as far as marking my bowls "food safe"? i only use pre-mixed glazes that i buy off commercial shelves. i follow the firing instructions and make sure to only buy "dinnerware safe." however, i do notice a note on all glaze containers that says "requires safety data sheet before using for dinnerware due to variations in temperatures, etc." (i am guessing from memory since i don't have one in front of me.) before selling, should i be sending a bowl from each glaze off to be tested? is that overkill? have i done all that i need to since i follow firing temps, etc. i tend to overthink, and just want to make sure i am not being irresponsible...are store bought glazes pretty much super food safe for the most part anyhow? thanks in advance! hope i posted correctly--this is my first posting!
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