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  1. Only 86 days to go until the London premier of 'Out of the Tub' - the new documentary film about the late British ceramist R J 'Bob' Washington. We are very pleased to get a mention in the latest edition of Ceramic Review (see photo). The film sheds new light on Bob, a student of William Staite-Murray and Dora Billington, as well as the many issues which confronted 20th century British potters.
  2. C.A. Martin

    'Out of the Tub'

    A new film about British Ceramist and Educator R J Washington.
  3. Hello. Interesting comments above, I had to laugh As Evelyne says 'Out of the Tub' is a real film about a potter and will premier in London this November. The documentary's title is a reference to the Greek philosopher Diogenes, a guy, like Bob Washington, who had an unconventional life style. Bob himself made many references to Diogenes during his own lifetime. I think Ceramic Review are running an article about the fllm in the Nov/Dec issue. Best regards Clive
  4. Dear Evelyne Thank you very much We’ll keep the forum posted of further news. I’m also tweeting news of Bob's film via Twitter @Cliveamartin There is also information about the film on the Washington website: www.thewashingtonfoundationuk.com We've had some great contributors from the UK - including Alun Graves (Victoria and Albert Museum) and Prof. Martin Smith (Royal College of Art). Two of Bob's pots are on display at the V and A and he was student at the RCA - so lots of interesting links, both Artistic and historical. Best regards Clive
  5. This is some information about that rare thing - a new film about ceramics We're been working on 'Out of the Tub' these past few years which will be premiering it in November in London. The film focuses on the life and work of the British Ceramist RJ 'Bob' Washington and sheds new light 20th century ceramics. Here's the trailer Enjoy.
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