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  1. I love food and I love to cook. I even spent a few years working in restaurant kitchens and as a bartender. And as a student of pottery I really pay attention to the form of eating and drinking vessels. Mine and others. I hate to see soup served in a wide flat bowl or salad in a steep sided bowl with a slightly inward curving lip. I get a lot of pleasure drinking from a tumbler that is faceted, carved, or textured in the places my hand rests. Food and drink tastes best in pots made with an eye to the food and drink they'll hold. And the pots are never as beautiful as when they are in use. The love of using a good pot is as important as the love of making a good pot.
  2. If you are using a cutter that is capable of stretching like nylon fishing line or very thin wire you may not be able to use it on this piece. If you can get a cutter which uses fairly thick wire you should be able to undercut by pulling out as hard as you can on the handles in order to maintain taughtness. It may also help to saw the wire back and forth slightly as you slowly undercut and maintain taughtness. If none of that seems to work for you then you might considere using a long slicing knife or french knife or a long stiff putty knife. The putty knife would be much safer but a real knife would be much cooler and you could brag to everyone about the risks you take for your craft. Turn the wheel slowly as you work the point of the blade further under the pot. If you can cut halfway or more to the center in that way then you may be able to finish with a wire. It would probably help to wet the surface of the wheel/bat - it will reduce the "catching" of the blade on the clay if the blade takes some water along.
  3. No art without sacrifice. The tupperware will go to its reward knowing it gave its life in a good cause.Petroleum jelly might do the trick.
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