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  1. Thanks everyone, you've given me a lot of food for thought for the next time I pour the tree
  2. I will try to rub my pinholes out thanks! Have either of you done a Christmas tree? I have one say 14" tall... I poured yesterday, let it sit all night then unmolded two sides this morning. Well I let that sit about 5 hours unmolded and I believe one side has collapsed. Grrrr guess it needed to sit longer. Please let me know if you have experience with these. Oh and how long did you let it sit before pouring the slip out?? I think mine sat to long making the top solid lol not sure if this one is going to pan out.....
  3. Hi everybody, I am new to pouring molds and I have been having a few issues. I am pouring low fire slip into plaster molds and some of my pieces have tiny pin holes in them. Is there any way to prevent this? I'm assuming I can patch these by maybe brushing some slip on them once they are a little firmer in the greenware stage is this right? Also, Its been raining here and these things are taking forever to dry so I can unmold them. I have heard that leaving them too long in the mold can crack it, so in fear I have been pulling them out too early and they literally mush and collapse. Is there a good way to tell when you can un mold them? Can I reuse these botched pieces of un dried slip for anything? Some of my pieces are large and have literally sat all night and are still soft. Thanks in advance!
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