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  1. At this rate I'd love to make cylinders that were good enough to turn into mugs! I'm looking forward to trying again tomorrow. Visualizing is also a good idea. I've been planning things that I'll make when I am any good again - I should be planning on what to make for practice! I'm hoping to get a kiln load and then by the time I have my kiln I can ask how to use it (so far I have 3 small things). Oh how spoiled I was in college - I wish I would have appreciated then what I had available to me. Thanks again! You all have such great advice!
  2. Thank you!! My next bowl had even wall thickness. Apparently all I can make right now are bowls. I'm okay with that. As long as I continue to improve then I will accept the failures. It seems it takes three tries to get one "success" (I use that term loosely). I'm going to have to get something bigger than a plastic coffee can to keep my scrap clay in though at this rate (didn't think that far ahead). It's good to know that it's possible after a 30 year absence! I'll try making some cylinders next time I get to play.
  3. Okay this is all super. I feel a lot better! And I checked to see if my wheel is level. And no. Not even a little bit. I believe that will help a lot.
  4. Oh I hadn't even thought of YouTube! There is a place that gives classes down the street from me and it's $45 for a one hour lesson and $100 for 6 hours spread out over time. I should stop in and see what their space is like. I'm not entirely impressed with what they have on the website. But if they can help it may be worth it. You all are so helpful! I don't know what I would do if I hadn't found this forum. I have learned so much just from lurking. And the practical advice and encouragement now are just what I needed!
  5. Thanks. I considered it the other day and thought "nah, it'll be like riding a bicycle" ... Maybe not exactly. But you make a good point about not developing bad habits!
  6. michelek


    Trying to get back to good.
  7. And apparently the picture did not work.... I'll try putting it in my gallery.
  8. I need encouragement. I used to be good on the wheel. I could make (good quality) bowls and mugs and lidded vessels, etc. That was 7 years ago. I bought my wheel three years ago (almost to the day, it was May 29th!). My first mistake was not using it even though I didn't have a kiln yet. I realize that now. Now that I'm ready for the kiln I finally bought some clay and today I am trying oh so desperately to make SOMETHING. My first two attempts caved in on themselves and are now in the scrap bucket. I finally was able to make a bowl on the third attempt but its walls are uneve
  9. I like the suggestion for transport too! Also are packing peanuts a viable option? For instance, if I had a mug (or whatever) and I just carefully nestled it in a box with packing peanuts around it?
  10. Wow thank you for all of the responses!! I think what I will do is plan on getting the kiln now and having it at my parents. Since I'm just getting back into the swing of things nothing is going to be so important to me that if it breaks I'll be crushed (of course I say that now!). I will work towards the goal of having it in my home. But I need to just do this now or I fear I'll keep putting it off. I visit my parents enough that I can probably just take whatever I have with me every time I go and eventually I'll have a full kiln load. They have plenty of room for me to store whatever I
  11. You're right. Thanks. I also just looked into gas kilns and don't want to deal with that anyways. Hopefully it's not too much of a big deal and isn't too expensive. But I'm glad to be talked out of having it at my parents' because I like going there to visit, not to work!
  12. I figured if my kiln was at my parents' house I would set up for glazing there too. But that's a good point about factoring in all of the time plus loss.. I will say hobby for now as it's been years but I would eventually like to sell and try some art shows. Would a gas kiln be a better option than electric in order to have it at home? I'm sort of terrified my house will explode even if that is highly unlikely...
  13. Greetings! I am not new to pottery but new to working at home. I have a wheel and space, the problem is my house was built in 1927 and doesn't have updated wiring. I don't believe any of the outlets throughout the house are even grounded. I'm looking to purchase a kiln next and am wondering which direction I'd be better off going. My parents' house isn't far away (45 minute drive) and they have buildings on their property that would be great for housing a kiln. How feasible would it be to transport greenware in the car to their house for firing? And then do I need to babysit the kiln wh
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