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  1. 16 minutes ago, Karmakee Farm said:

    Funny as I am also looking at that very same kiln an can not find any information on the "P" either. I was told this model is 7 to  8 years old, Its between this one and a very gently used 10 Skutt digital. My 40 year old Skutt just quit working so I am very wary of buying another model as that is all I have ever used. ANyone have any thing to add?

    Thanks to all!


    So I ended up passing on this for a few reasons. Ultimately it came down to money but that was driven by the heating element layout for this kiln. The center of the kiln has substantial (at least based on it's overall size) zone with no elements creating an kiln that's larger than it should be for the power it can deliver.

    I'm still on the hunt myself, but would say based on my research and the very sage advice of people on this forum (thanks Neil!), that unless you've got a monster of a deal on the kiln it's not a long haul investment.

  2. Quick follow up: I've just gotten an image of the kiln and it seems like it might be a little worse for wear, but I'm not totally sure. I'll attach an image but there is some cracking on the floor and some of the coils look a bit loose. I'd appreciate any advice the community has about the state, questions to ask or issues to look for, and any impact on price or reliability those things might have.


  3. Hello all, I'm looking at purchasing a used Cress FX-23 P electric kiln and wondering if anyone has experience with this model? It's just shy of $500 which seems a fair price(?). I'm planning to use it primarily as a bisque kiln, perhaps with a few ^6 fires thrown in for fun. It seems like a sound buy from a company that is still active but if anyone has experiences (good or bad) I'm all ears.

    Also if anyone can spot check me on this: I had a 240v outlet installed sometime ago for an electric dryer and I'm thinking we can re-purpose that for the kiln (it's asking for 220v and 25amps on the face-plate)--seem sound?


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