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  1. I'm using Standard 357 English Porcelain. I've used this for all my functional work amd like the clay body but am concerned about durability over time. For example if a serving dish was placed in the oven for a few minutes every once in awhile do any of you think it would weaken due to thermal shock over time? I'm not planning on making a pie dish but what if I wanted to? Thanks!
  2. I'm not looking for a true Matte but thanks. Right now, I'm only interested in Satin Matte.
  3. This is one I liked the sound of, glad to hear it's getting hopeful results. How did you decide on the clear, Min? I have a noncrazing clear I like, I figured I'd use that.
  4. That sounds like a slight variation on St John's Black. I like that glaze but it's not quite right for this line of production.
  5. I'm also interested in your best food safe black satin matte recipes for cone 6. Something not brown from iron, not metallic. I'm open to using stains.
  6. I'm looking for your best cone 10 OXIDATION satin matte black food safe recipes. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  7. Our studio has tested small batches of cone 10 black porcelain for oxidation. We have neither the space to store, nor the production rate to justify a full ton minimum order from any of the large scale clay producers. We do not have the equipment to mix ourselves and mixing small batches ourselves by hand is proving to be too time consuming and labor intensive... so we would like help from someone with a mixer to make a medium sized batch of clay. Can anyone recommend any resources or private studios who take medium scale orders for custom clay blends of about ~150-300 lbs? Our
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