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  1. Not a problem, Giselle. I'll be firing to cone 6 too so you're really just adding another layer of complexity to the conversation, not completely hijacking. Good luck!
  2. Thanks, everyone! The paint on the cars was another concern I had but it sounds like that shouldn't be a problem either.
  3. Hi Everyone, I remember reading something several years ago about the possibility of a kiln off-gassing and permanently fogging up windows in the building. I am hoping to get my first kiln late this summer or early this fall. Because of what I read years ago, I was going to build a separate 10 x 10 kiln shed. But, I notice from other forum posts that many of you have your kilns in the garage. We have a large 3 car garage and I could easily wall off a section for the kiln if I don’t have to worry about the kiln messing up the cars. What are the risks of having a kiln in the garage with cars? It will be electric and will be vented to the outside. Thanks, Shannon
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