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  1. I make cookies by rolling out a slab, cutting circles, then drop the round clay over 3 - 5 oiled decorative marbles used in flower arranging as they are flat on one side. I press the clay onto the marbles and pinch small cones over the marbles as standoffs. I then fire to bisque and kiln wash them heavily. The pointed cookies makes it easy to pop pieces off when glaze comes in contact with the point. Attached is a pic.
  2. Thank you for the reply. My wife and I did poured ceramics back in the 80's and things has changed a lot since then. We used to pour a mold, pop out the item the have it fired. Once we got the bisque back we would underglaze fire then glaze or use commercial off the shelf(COTS) premixed liquid stains to paint the item then apply a clear coat. Since we have gotten into hand building and throwing pots we have found we can apply underglaze to the green ware and bisque and apply layers of glazes over one another. So if I use COTS premixed liquid stains I can now use it under or over glazes on bisque. Is that a correct assumption? Huck
  3. Can I put a clear glaze on bisque then when it is thoroughly dried, apply a commercial liquid stain, over the glaze, then when dry fire the piece. I have heard about the Mason Stains, but haven't progressed far enough in my newbie knowledge to mix my own glazes and stains.
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