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  1. Yes Alabama, about to embark on that testing adventure. I hope it won't take me 36 months but it will be what its going to be. I don't mind taking the time but since I am a starving artist sooner would be better.
  2. Yes, I have contacted them. They gave me general advice, understandably.
  3. Greetings all, I am trying to create work with a surface quality similar to these tiles by Natalie Blake, http://natalieblakestudios.com/tiles/botanical/ Its sgraffito work in cone 6 oxidation. I am currently using thirds of Frit 3124, EPK, and Iron Oxide for my sgraffito stain on greenware. I could change this although I have already bisqued many pieces with this and it seems like a good recipe that will darken washes/stains that get applied over it. I want to come up with a base recipe or two that will work with as many Mason Stains as possible. I understand that some base recipes do not work with purples but don't know what ingredients to avoid. I've done some testing but would very much appreciate any advice to help me narrow down my testing, or broaden it, I've found information suggesting 1/2 Mason Stain 1/2 Frit 3124, or 1/2 Gerstley Borate works well. Perhaps stained engobes covered in a very thin coating of a Mason stain compatible clear glaze would work well? I saw a video with Natalie spraying the glaze, which makes me wonder if she is using such a 50/50 wash/stain. Although, I was reading that frit 3124 is kinda like its own glaze, so maybe it can appear similar to a typical glaze in the bucket. Do you all have any other ideas of how to get a similar surface quality with as many Mason Stain as possible? What testing would you do if you were trying to get similar results? Thanks anyone for any advice!
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