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  1. None of the master potters during the Sung Dynasty studied chemistry from a textbook.
  2. Well, I'll have my grinder ready to go. I already use ashes in my celadon and it can run if I apply it a little too thick. I'd love to see some of your straight ash results.
  3. Thank you, John. I must have read something about carbon trapping and mistaken it as a generalization for shinos, but an old school shino is all I really need. I'm sure the gum solution trick will make a world of difference when I start experimenting with wood ashes!
  4. I have some roughly thrown stoneware verticals for a gas kiln that's fired to cone 9. I cannot envision an even, glossy treatment for them. I was thinking of smearing wet ash on the pots. Has anyone had any success playing around with wood ash for a gas firing? I'd attempt a few shinos and drop some ash on the wet glaze, but I don't think I can even get a shino within my firing restrictions. The pots are from an 09 bisque. The reduction always starts at 06, which is way too late, and lasts about an hour. Are there any shino formulas that would work under these circumstances? Any other treatment suggestions/directions I could explore?
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