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  1. NFallon, you just made my day! Thank you for sharing your information and your picture... this wheel feels really good- even with my limited experience. Solid, unlike a lot of newer wheels. And it's nice to know that it has been working well for you all these years. I feel lucky to have found it as it appears to have been stored away somewhere for a very long time without much use. Any information that you could share i.e. manual, dimensions etc. would be greatly appreciated! And the motor, do you know how much HP it has? It definitely feels stronger than 1/4... I'll have to look again, but I think it has a RAE 90V something, or other? Consistent torque and really smooth. So wish I was going to NCECA this year... I'll definitely be planning for next year. And yes, I would love it if you could share the information you get... I can try to message you my direct email address and cell phone number in case you want to shoot a pic, or text regarding your finds. You are awesome - Thanks again! Lorijean
  2. Ah, hah! That's interesting. It's a pretty solidly built wheel... and I know what you mean about the newer ones. I just started this journey last summer and the first wheel I brought home was a used clay boss which caused a few emotional breakdowns. Shudder... a very traumatic time. Although, on the positive side, learning (or more accurately, fighting) on that sub-par wheel makes me feel like I almost know what I'm doing on my Brent wheels... and the little Ci wheel I just brought home is about a hundred times better than that horrific beast that reduced this grown woman to years. Thanks for all your input, Mark! If you find any other info on it, I'd be happy to hear it. Lorijean
  3. Hi Mark- Yes, it's our only clay supply place in San Diego. Here's the link: www.freeformclay.com Richard has owned it for years and I know he knew the Ci people pretty well back in the day (El Cajon is only a few miles from here). I'm going to take the picture in later this week, to see if he has any ideas. The thing is, because the wheel sits so close to the edge of the table, I'll need to find something that will be stable there as well, I think? Will probably end up having my husband build something- he's an architect after all, so you'd think he'd be able to whip something up!?!? Hope he doesn't see this... I think my custom orders are starting to annoy him ðŸ˜
  4. Hi Amy- yes, that's exactly what I plan on using it for. Although, I couldn't resist giving it a little test run with an 8-10 lb ball of clay and was so impressed with the speed and consistent torque (at least as good as my Brent C, or at least it felt like it) that I thought if I could find a splash guard, or at least an idea for one, than I would get one. Also, I'm pretty messy when I trim, too :-/ I paid $100. Do you know anything about it?
  5. Here's the link to the image: http://community.ceramicartsdaily.org/uploads/gallery/album_893/med_gallery_66737_893_289.jpg
  6. Hopefully I can connect this to my post?
  7. Just picked up this Creative Industries Ci wheel and can't find any info on it? It sits on an orange metal rectangle table with a brown top. It's in excellent, hardly used condition. Motor is strong and smooth... by "RAE"- does anyone know anything about it? I'm going to try to upload a pic... Also, any ideas for a splash guard that might work? I just got a new Brent CXC, as well as a used Brent C in the past month- then came across this and couldn't resist! It's a great wheel, I would just like to know more about it and hopefully get a splash guard because... well, I'm pretty messy, still. Looked for months for a good used wheel and nada! Then broke down and purchased a new one... now, I'm a beginner with 3 wheels and limited skills- hah! I'd be thrilled with any info you have to share... Thanks! Lj
  8. Hi Emily- I realize this message is old, so you may have already found him: Richard at Freeform is very familiar with the old ci wheels. He knew the guys that started the company in El Cajon and still uses one of their old wheels today- the good ones.
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