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  1. I just made my first slab built box with a removable lid. I did the kind where you measure down about an inch and cut around the box, not a design with a lid that just sits on top. My question is, after cutting out the lid, adding a handle, smoothing where the two pieces meet to insure a good fit, but still have smooth edges, etc...how do I go about drying the piece? They are a little less than leather hard. Should I just leave the pieces together so they shrink relative to each other? Do I need to put a hole in either piece even though the place where the lid rests on the box is not airtight? Will the two pieces just end up sticking together due to moisture and gravity? Sorry for all of the questions. I can find all sorts of answers on through google on how to bisque and glaze fire them, but really nothing about drying them beforehand. Thanks for any info!
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