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  1. Hmmm washing isn't really an option they tend to stain plus I'm not keen to sell an unfinished product . Thoughts on painting on glaze only on exposed cuts then using a small butane torch so not heating the whole thing? Too far? Too macgyver ?
  2. Thanks heaps for the advice . Defiantly not keen to have glaze pinging off like glass shards!! Yep I've sanded them down to remove all sharp edges and make them smooth but I'm finding some of the China and especially the retro stoneware items are still quite porous so when you wear them body oil etc is staining the cut edges . All I could think of was maybe glazing but I'll look into grout sealer. Thanks again
  3. Hi there I'm after some advice please. Currently I'm working with vintage China dinnerware and have been turning it into wearable pieces, I'm looking for a permanent way to seal the cut parts of my pieces and was wondering if a clear glaze would be an option ? Can old China be refired? I had been using an epoxy resin but I'm not very happy with the results . Thanks in advance
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