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  1. Thanks everyone for your very informative replies!
  2. Hello, I wonder if anyone can help? I am intrigued by Kiho Kang's work. I met him recently at a ceramics fair and he said he uses sand in small increments to get the subtle black flecks in his porcelain. I wish I'd have asked him what he means by 'sand' - can anyone suggest what he might add to his clay to give it the black speckle? Black sand? Where would I find this? Most grog I see tends to be light coloured? His work is often un-glazed so it is not something created by the effect of a glaze. Here is an example of his work: https://www.maudandmabel.com/products/kiho-kang-small-c
  3. Thank you for all your helpful replies! Why does stoneware tend to be sticky and porcelain not so much?
  4. Hi All Just a quick question, doesn't really warrant a whole thread but didn't know where else to ask - I wanted to know if anyone has tried using silicone rolling pins for rolling out slabs? I don't know if the clay would stick to the silicone in which case I will stick to wood. Which is better in your experience? I know I could go out a buy one to test but just for convenience I wanted to ask here first. Thanks Emma
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