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  1. My humble additions: http://timrowan.blogspot.com/ http://jeffshapiroceramics.blogspot.com/ http://mingeisota.blogspot.com/
  2. Hello All, I'm a senior at a small liberal arts school studying engineering and ceramics. I'm applying for a fellowship that funds a year of independent study and travel (the Watson), which I plan to use to travel in Japan, South Korea, and China to learn more about the ceramic traditions that came to influence the aesthetics of teaware. I have contacted a variety of gallery owners, workshops, and artist-in-residency programs (see below) in Japan and the US in hopes of getting in touch with a potter who might be willing to take me under his or her wing for a several months of rigorous study. I understand that a traditional apprenticeship lasts for years, which is not feasible for me, but I am a hardworking and dedicated to the craft, and will bring this passion to whatever opportunity that I can find to study ceramics in Japan. I would deeply appreciate any suggestions, advice, or contact information you could offer regarding studying ceramics in Japan, Korea, or China. Again, all of my expenses would be paid: I am only looking for the opportunity to study ceramics, learn more about the ceramic traditions of various regions, and to improve my skills in the company of other stimulating artists and craftspeople. I have contacted the following programs: International Workshop on Ceramic Art (unfortunately the program is not active in 2012) Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park CAP House Kyoto Arts Center Akiyoshiadi International Art Village Seto International Ceramics and Glass Arts Exchange Program Additionally, I am pursuing leads with several American potters who have studied in Japan. Thank you all so much for your time!
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