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  1. Just found this http://mobile.ceramicartsdaily.org/clay-tools/making-clay-tools/how-to-make-a-better-homemade-sink-trap-for-your-pottery-studio/
  2. hi everyone.. firstly let me thank you for such prompt ,friendly and helpful replies ( how refreshing. I think I am going to like this forum:)) yes i am in the UK . and i meant that i will not have mains water supply or mains drainage. We are in very early stages of setting the garage up to use as a ceramic studio and there is no way that funds would stretch to any kind of plumbing, so its great to have my concerns blown out of the water as it were I am returning to ceramics , having been brought up with the use of my fathers pottery studio. Reallly hoping that when i get back on the wheel ( i first learnt on a kick wheel and then electric) it all comes flooding back, but it has been a good 30 years so I am expecting I will need a lot of practice. My father is quite elderly now and his studio is being dismantled. I am hoping that we get the opportunity to do some work together when I get set up.( sadly , time is of the essence i feel ) I never had any experience of glazing ( he always did that) .. but shall inherit some glazing bits and bobs as he made his own . His studio is literally falling down, but he is passing on his wheel ( which is currently seized up), lots of tools. reclaiming bins etc I need to try and sell his electric kiln and use the money to buy a smallish toploader. I am very excited, and will no doubt be posting quite regularly with lots of questions. Great to have found you all .
  3. Hi everyone, I am in the early stages of converting our garage to a studio. No mains water or mains drainage . Anyone help me find my way round this ? Would hate to have the project fail on this..I'm sure there must be some off grid solutions Thanks in advance
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