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  1. I teach art, grades k-8 and each class does a clay residency. What are some of the most successful clay projects you've done with young children? I love making pinch-animals with kindergartners. They always turn out so cute. I'm making pinch pot piggy banks with my junior high students and am excited to see how those turn out.
  2. I made this chameleon sculpture in college. As I was hollowing it out, it slipped and the base part of the rock collapsed. I actually like it better this way, it makes the rock look more rock-like. I've put a vine plant inside of it so the vines grow from the holes. http://static.wixstatic.com/media/d69be6_a665c93b9373459fb941781fe3a78a1e.jpg_srz_p_675_506_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz
  3. I'm a new art teacher, and am still new to our kiln. I'm a little afraid of it because the last teacher destroyed the kiln last year (it was an old one with a sitter and she used the wrong cone) and I don't want to be that teacher who ruins it for a second year in a row. Anyway, our kiln doesn't have a downdraft vent, so I prop the lid a smidgen (like 1 inch) until it heats up like I'm supposed to. I forgot to close the lid before I left work and now I'm panicking. It's only cone 05 but I'm worried I'll have nightmares about the school exploding in flames. Will it be okay???
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