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  1. Thanks for all your replies. I've been busy making bowls and forgot that I'd posted this. The birds are all pretty much lifesize or maybe a little larger. The tubing idea is interesting, I might be able to run wires through it which could then separate into the individual toes. Either way, I'll post the results when they're done and you can see what you think!
  2. Hi everyone I am making a series of ceramic birds in paperclay. Everything goes just fine till I reach the legs... I don't particularly want to make legs out of paperclay - for example, maybe using nichrome wire with clay over it - I think this would begin to look labored and unbirdlike. So what I want to do instead is to be able to mount the fired clay birds on one, or two, metal rods, and anchor these metal rods into a small plinth of wood or clay. I've searched sculptors' sites and metal suppliers, but I still can't find out what metal to use, how to cut it, and how to attach it securely to the bird. Another alternative would be metal legs with feet - not realistic ones, as the birds themselves are as much about the clay as they are about the bird. But again, I don't know how to go about this, or how to find someone who might be able to make these for me. Has anyone else faced this technical issue, and have they managed to resolve it? Many thanks
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