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  1. Chilly, I'm hoping that you heal very quickly!
  2. Thank you, LeeU, for the reminder that there are other learning curves in pottery making than just throwing. You said, "Humbleness is a necessary protection and antidote against the arrogance of depression and self-defeat." What an awesome quote you've written! I really like that. I'm sure you'll find your way in your glazing at ^6. Someone smart enough to think/write that quote, will do just fine. I have faith in your abilities.
  3. I read on a discussion board about someone having a bad day at the pottery wheel. I was reminded that throwing clay on the wheel can be frustrating at different cycles in the learning curve when there are the inevitable days of failure. I thought I’d learn to throw clay. I’ve learned so much more. I’ve learned humility, forgiveness, patience, and diligence. I’ve learned to focus, concentrate, relax, control my actions, accept that my work is never as good as I dreamed, and also accept that that work is almost always better than I feared. I’ve learned to accept failure as part of the
  4. Jayne, My friend, potter Andrew Stephenson, lives in NC (also humid this summer with almost daily rains). Here's how he makes a ton of clay at a time (no major equipment). The part after the mixing is what I wanted to show you in answer how he gets from slurry to clay. It is a great way to reclaim clay, too.
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