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  1. Have try on green ware and bisque, on green it exploded with a loud bang!. Never try it again. It was bone dry when apply and fire to cone 05, it didn't got that far. On bisque at cone 6 porcelain reduction came out a horrible gray, just the kind you don´t want in porcelain.
  2. Oldlady, you are a treasure! I only work low fire, but sharing like that... You are a treasure! Maravillosa.
  3. Wow! your wheel is magnificent, I love it. I want one! Any chance on a tutorial to make one? That's technique!
  4. For the ceramic world is a big trouble, for the art world it doesn't matter...
  5. That´s easy my teacher Rosario Guillermo. http://rosarioguillermo.com/index.php?id=3
  6. Thank you so much for your answers. I need a pyrometer that can go from low temp to mid range, about cone 7.
  7. Hello, I need to buy a pyrometer and I don't know where to buy it. The thing is it must be unexpensive, portable and the shop should be able to ship it within the States. Does any one know where can I buy one? Thank you.
  8. 1.- This is not the best piece to slip cast. You can do it if you want to, but be prepared to have a lot of weird troubles. The arms and legs are too thin to be hollowed (slipcasting always leaves a hollowed middle) and the square and angular shapes make everything more dificult. Even if you are succesfull in casting it and releasing it from the mould, the neck will probably end up been solid and then the head will be solid too... 2.- Have you ever slip cast before? If not, then your have a few problems you are not aware of. Clay is not a big fan of angles, specialy rigth angles. Your minimum width should be 0.5 cm of solid wall for your cast if you want it to survive the drying stage. How many pieces your mould is going to have? Your right angles make a two piece mould a nigthmare to release the piece. So more pieces for the mould will be necesary for your figure. 3.- Have you ever make a plate mould? The shape of your figure will need a plate type mould. That is the kind of mould you inject the slip into. But only the body of your figure needs this kind of mould, the head needs a two part mould, and the cast should be hollow. So now you need another mould, one for the body and one for the head; and then you'll need to attach the head to the body. 4.- The problem your friends are worried about is easy to fix. Just put some supporting pieces of clay to keep the arms in place and that is all. Then again, it may happen that everything goes rigth and in the end I was all wrong... Good Luck.
  9. No wine just water, they have nice bottles of water in Europe, not sure if is Perrier... doesn't look like. Love your ball mill.
  10. Hello, I am surprised no one has post this here, it's a Simon Leach video on how he convert an electric kiln to gas.
  11. Ok, if your sculpture is a whole body with a hollow space filled with air in the middle of it, it will blow up like popcorn. Just make a hole in the underside of it's base; 1cm in diameter is more than enough. Please do this, it's just a hole in an invisible place.
  12. You can use almost any clay. I have used a natural extremely plastic clay, and a ceramic paste to make sculpture; medium size in terms of sculpture, big size in terms of ceramics. The important part is to use grog, a lot of grog. A 25% to 50%. Of course you can use paper clay too, but if you want to build big things use grog, and paper too if you like. Paper clay makes things easy for you, but the texture is not the best sometimes, it all depends on the work you are doing. Plasticity is not much needed in sculpture. Grog, grog is the right choice.
  13. First, how big is this girl gonna be? If it's just 60 cm tall you don't need any kind of armature. The maximum thickness is about 3 cm (about 1 inch), and your clay body must be heavily grogged (about 25%). This gives not much plasticity but that is something you don't need much in sculpture. This girl in the photo is life sized and doesn't have any kind of armature inside her. No structure whatsoever. So go for it, just use the right kind of clay. Raku clay is always good for sculpture. I use the most amazing clay in the world, but you can't get it outside Mexico. It's called Barro de Zacatecas (zacatecas clay)
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