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  1. Further on the use of kanthal wire for beads. The stainless steel mandrels work really well, both the thinnest and thicker ones. I fired them to 1040°C with beads on them, supported both ends and had absolutely no sign of deformation. They performed better than 11 gauge kanthal wire. Here's where I bought them ($4.80 for 12 X 25cm rods, 1.6mm diameter) http://beadglass.com.au/. Hope this helps someone.
  2. I'm having the same problem, Annie, of finding a supplier of kanthal wire of the right gauge in Australia. However, Tetlow Kilns in Melbourne kindly sent me a couple of lengths of 11 gauge (3mm) kanthal wire to try, and if it works, I think I might be able to arrange something through them. The technician at Tetlow told me that the rods would have to be fairly thick (at least 3 mm diameter) to have the physical strength at temperature. The main problem will then be cutting the wire to length required because it is stronger than I am, even armed with a big-ass side-cutter. The other things I'm
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