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  1. I just ordered a TS/Skutt wheel. It should show up at the supplier in a couple of weeks. I opted for the 1/2 horsepower fixed pan model, adjustable legs, and SSX drive. I have a Skutt kiln and when I've called up there (Oregon) for advice/ technical questions, they are great. I sold my old Shimpo (1972?) to a friend who was desperate for an inexpensive working wheel, and my Brent CXC because of the color...just kidding. I didn't like the pedal, chirping (belt/motor), pan, and speed change delay. I told my friend she was not allowed to sell the old Shimpo to anyone but me. I love that wheel. I've used the VL Whisper quite a bit at the local JC. There are at least 6 of them there. They get hammered on daily. The oldest one is about 5 years old. They are GREAT workhorse quality wheels. I don't like the splash pan, and the quietness is unnerving really. The pedal is nice and speed is easy to control. If you need more torque, you adjust your speed. Most students grab a Whisper first over the Brents and Soldners at the JC. Which is odd really, because the Soldners kick ass. They are just beat to hell after 30 years of service and lack of maintenance. I usually use a Soldner wheel at the JC when I'm there.
  2. That is the monster cleanup/slop blocker sponge. There are other chopped up bits of its relatives about.
  3. haha...totally. I dig this wheel. I sold my Brent this last weekend. I'm ordering a different electric wheel and relying on the kick wheel until the new one comes. I really didn't like the pedal (speed change delay/ constant adjustments), splash pan, motor whine, and chirping of my Brent. I got what I paid for it; a small miracle. My 11 year old daughter was giving the kick wheel a go tonight. She digs it She carved the "Bat Glue".....
  4. Chunks of black (reduced) aluminum scaled off around the auger. The barrel was literally pock-marked; not just pitted. The only clay that ran through the machine was Aardvark Sedona, B-mix, LB-6, and Graystone (blah). Apparenly I got a crappy cast and you got a good one. See the bmix pic in my previous post. It ruined a few pieces. Black spots showed through the clear liner glaze. Not iron stained. That would have been okay. It happened, it's fixed, and I use the darn thing a few times a week. It saves my wrists.
  5. I was using B-Mix (mostly) from Laguna. I had a kiln load fired at cone 5-6 come out with clear liner glaze with " Chocolate Chips" You won't see it bisque fired. When I cleaned the pugger out, chunks of black scale were in the clay; up to 1/2" diameter. The picture I uploaded is the clay I cleaned out of the pug mill before I replaced the aluminum housing. That ball of clay is the size of a tennis ball. I may have some fired pieces that alerted me to the problem. I paid $700 to "upgrade" but I live close to Ukiah and it was cost effective to get it done. I love my Peter Pugger don't get me wrong. I just was not expecting Bmix to do porcelain damage. It all about pH. You just have to know what you are chukking into your machine. Cheers
  6. I have the small Peter Pugger. It quirts about 15-20lbs per "batch". I had to swap out the aluminum for stainless after one year of use. I wasn't happy, but now I am. Just throw money at it and eventually it'll get right. There is a small learning curve with the Peter Pugger, but after a few batches, you get it right.
  7. Brass? You can try MAP gas flux and solder. You have a picture of the burner?
  8. Getting there....I just need to wait a day or so between varnish coats. I re-packed the bearings. The wheel spins nicely. I never used a kick wheel. It ought to be fun.
  9. Thanks for the advice everyone. I'll look for Hammerite today. We have an Ace Hardware downtown. I removed the wood from the angle iron that supports it and used a wire wheel/grinder to remove the scale and Naval Jelly (phosphoric acid) to get at the pits. It worked well. The rest of the metal is not as bad. I have a quart of Spar Varnish for the wood. As far as making a mess goes, The half splash pan is great for slow to medium speeds on the electric Soldner wheel (I use one at the local JC), but if you are centering a lump, then stratigically placed sponges save your walls or other equipment from flying slip bombs. I'll post a few pics when I'm done. Hopefully today. Cheers
  10. I'm am the new proud owner of a well loved, but unfortunately rusty Soldner kick wheel. I paid way too much for it, but so what; it's a cool new tool. I'm pulling it apart, short of dismantling the shaft and pillow blocks (they're fine) to de-rust and re-do the wood. I'll repack the bearings with the zerts. Mr. Soldner built this wheel. Did he not believe in paint? Anyone else have one of these wheels, and did or does your wheel have a coat of paint? My new wheel is just raw black iron pipe, varnished plywood, rusty angle iron, etc...
  11. Marcia, My first attempt with procelain was with Laguna's Frost ^6 body. Do you still use it and have you ever encountered black, fine to coarse grained particles (1/16" chunks) randomly distributed throughout a bag. I have 125 lbs of this body I am reluctant to complete anything with it because of the crud. I love throwing with it. I have yet to glaze/paint it. I can send you some pictures if you want.
  12. I made plates today, adjusted the Shimpo feet, and trimmed 1 billion pieces...

  13. First semester ceramics final evaluation at the local junior college I got, "You've got fat bottoms." Wow... One fat bottom is bad enough but plural? C'mon man give me a break.... Maybe I need to eat more bananas?
  14. My son is three, and I already have him on the wheel with me. I throw a bowl or cup, and I let him decorate it. He smacks it with tools or pokes holes in it with his fingers. I already have 3 of his masterpieces. Probably my favorite pots! Its wonderful. That's awesome...I had my son out here trying to center some Laguna b-mix. I didn't have anything else except porcelain. It turned to goop in no time. I picked up some Laguna half and half today. I think it is a little more forgiving. Plus it is good to hand-build with.
  15. I get hangovers sometimes and a stiff back when throwing/trimming a lot. I don't think the hangovers are related to ceramics though....
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