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    wheel throwing, making glazes, hand modeling, drawing, printing, mold making, firing and kiln info, sculpture as well as pots... just about everything!
  1. Hello potters, I really appreciate all the information you share on this website and, as a not-so-experienced potter, I try to experiment in my studio. I'm about to take part in a fair and sell my stuff for the first time, and as I dont have enough time to experiment before this (2 weeks to go!) I would like to ask you: Is it possible to use vaseline instead of was resist in glazing? Does it leave any marks on the pots? I imagine it is not a very friendly material to burn, but I may not have time to search for wax (i havent found it yet here in São Paulo - Brazil) and Im planning on cleaning most of the vaseline after glazing. Do you think it is a good idea? Thanks!
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