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  1. Hi Chilly I live in Stansted right next to the airport runway. Silver End nearby so will TRY and check it out. Yes, trip to Library is a great idea
  2. Thanks so much to those who have responded so far. Benzine - so if I understand correctly mid to high fire clay IS vitrified and is suitable for outside use. (so sorry, motor function probs slow down my clarity) Denice - Sorry, have updated my profile now I think. I actually live in the UK. Really looking forward to getting started
  3. Hello everyone, Brand new member here and I am seeking the most basic advice please. VERY short intro and background, may make it easier in the long term. I'm a 56 year old male, disabled in as much have very bad balance problems. Can not get out easily and need tutoring on a written basis because of Neuro problems also. I have decided to to take up 'pottery' as purely a hobby and have absolutely no idea how to begin and so looking for a great deal of help from this forum if possible. PLEASE. I chose this forum from a whole list from a google search. Therefore, if I have joined the wrong sort of forum for this type of assistance then please forgive me for wasting your time. Luckily I have a nice sized studio where I paint and do some wood turning. I have plenty of space for workbenches, kiln, wheel and storage. I have picked the kiln and wheel I would like but have not yet purchased. Initially I am going to try to make some 'plaques' to hang around my garden, and I have a list of things below that I would like help on please. ANY help is most appreciated. What types of clay are there and which one is best for 'plaques'? After the slab is made do I use 'slip' to add letters etc? What exactly IS slip? Once made, what do I do then? Leave to dry? Fire? Paint? Glaze? What exactly is 'bisque'? Is it the stage after drying or firing or both? What paints do I use and what glaze? Plus any other related question I'm to dumb to have thought of lol. I so hope I am in the right place to ask these questions and will be awaiting any responses there may be. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this begging post. Jack
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