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  1. Morning people,

    This question has probably been posted but I was unable to find anything.

    I have seen a couple of posts on Facebook where the information regarding the image states that Flux was added to the rim and the results were not what was expected. I can't grasp what was meant, can someone explain it for me. Many thanks.



  2. I'm in a bit of a quandary regarding saggar firing.  I'd really love to try it, but here's the thing. From what I've read on internet saggar can't be used on functional ware. I've thrown a tall lidded pot and a bud vase/oil holder and I think they both would look really great with the effects of saggar.  My question is - having been thrown in stoneware, bisqued to 960 deg C, how would glazing on the inside be affected by saggar firing.  I know if I leave unglazed the pot can be used to store spaghetti etc ie. non porous items but the oil pot would not be food safe. If I glaze with earthenware glaze and fire to about 1100 (electric kiln) what's the possibility of the saggar affecting the inside? (my idea is to glaze and saggar fire at the same time)


    Or should I glaze fire with stoneware glaze to 1200 first?


    Any help would be much appreciated.



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