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  1. Well, as it's too thick to pour out of the container I swiveled the handle of a wooden spoon (as the spout is too narrow for the spoon part) in it for ages and ages... still too thick to pour out, so I added water in stages (a little bit more than 500ml total) and I still think it's too thick, but I've mixed and mixed and mixed and poured in. I must say... slipcasting something this big in a carpeted third floor flat is not ideal. I miss my heated garage with workbench! Will look into the technical stuff for future. I must say I'm a bit lazy about doing all that work as it's not interesting to me and I guess I'd been lucky with great suppliers in the past.
  2. This is the reply I got... If you shake the slip as best you can and add to a bucket and then stir you will find it should be more fluid. If still too thick add a small quantity of water 250-500mls of water. Hmmm... will give it a go, but it's REALLY thick so I find it suspect. It's too thick to even pour out of the jug!
  3. Grrr... thanks for the advice and info. I'm rather grumbly about this as the whole reason I buy it ready made is to not have to deal with deflocculating or any other nonsense. I'm also irked at the non-reply to my email as their website seems to indicate that email is the quickest way to get a reply and it's been four days. Headed over to a friends to use her landline and hopefully get an answer to this. Grumble grumble grumble... About me? Well I jumped straight into slip casting to make tiki mugs for a friend and then got tricked into making poltergeist clown doll replicas from the movie Poltergeist... which is what I'm trying to make right now. I've made about 12 of them in the past. I'd love to do teapots though. As soon as I get a place with space and some free time (ha!) I'm totally going to make some quirky teapots.
  4. I've been slipcasting for ages now and always just purchased clay slip in the USA. It always arrived in the right consistency in a box and never had a problem. I'm now in the UK and purchased some slip and instead of being chocolate syrup consistency, it's thick like a very thick milkshake and in plastic jugs (not full). Obviously this won't work for slipcasting. I emailed the warehouse but no reply and I'm unable to call out at the moment. What am I missing? Am I supposed to water this down? Did I order the wrong product? Any ideas? It's a clay stoneware slip from Scarva.
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