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  1. I recently purchased a pint of Spectrum Hot Running Chowder and am wondering if anyone else who has tried it can answer a few questions. My glaze arrived settled out into the corner of the jar with a hard lump as if the jar was tilted and the mass formed during shipment. Well, I managed to break that up and stir it in, and shake it violently and it all seemed pretty well mixed. Another thing I noticed is that there was no factory seal over the mouth of the jar after opening the lid and I could not recall if another of my Spectrum glazes had a seal or not. Anyway, the most disturbing is the color of the glaze after a cone 5 firing in O2. It was a transparent glossy brown, not the creamy whitish/frosty blue I read about and looks nothing like the test tile they advertise. Can anyone help? I am also quite disappointed in the Green Stone I bought as well which, again looks nothing like the test tile and is super glossy after a cone 5 firing. Thank you!
  2. I once tried to make my own bead supports out of a cone 10 clay so that I could fire my beads in a shared kiln without the massive bricks I usually use. The did not work and ruined most of my work due to slumping during their first use. Kiln shelves, supports and tile setters are a special refractory material that does not warp. Maybe someone knows whether fireclay fired to cone 12 would work, but then, who can fire that hot in most kilns?! Deb
  3. I am no where near as technical as I should be when it comes to firing in my electric kiln but I have noticed that when I rush things in my old manual L&L, (I.e., turning to high too soon) I get lots of problems in my glazes. I have even fired cone 05 glazes to cone 6 with no problems (except for the occasional run or drip) when I fire nice and slow. Lots of luck to you and have fun!
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